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Caprichio Tiger

Caprichio Tiger gets X-rays

Caprichio Tiger got X-rays last week, giving Carolina Tiger Rescue’s Dr. Angela Lassiter a closer look at his joints. The 7-year-old tiger has bowed legs and may suffer from metabolic bone disease, a bone deformity due to poor nutrition early in life. Caprichio was used in the cub-petting business when he was younger. (Note: This article was originally written in 2017)


Celebrate World Rainforest Day

It’s World Rainforest Day! Several of the animals we care for at Carolina Tiger Rescue are species native to rainforests around the world, so it’s important to do what we can to protect their native habitats.

How YOU Can Help Endangered Big Cats

On this Endangered Species Day, we challenge you to do what you can to help protect these and other endangered species around the world!

All Tigers Have Different Stripes

No two tigers have the same stripes — and it’s how Carolina Tiger Rescue staff can identify the residents, especially if a tiger has an enclosure mate. Our education director shares how she uses the cats’ cool stripes to identify five different resident tigers!

Big Cat vs. Small Cat

Carolina Tiger Rescue is home to cats big and small! So, what’s the difference between a big cat and a small cat? We’ll tell you this: It has nothing to do with their size.

Meet the Tigers of the U.S.

For 45 years, Carolina Tiger Rescue has been a refuge that allows big cats and other animals to live out their lives in safety. Most of the animals were personal pets, used in roadside zoos, or rescued from failing sanctuaries. This 55-acre facility has made it its mission to save and protect wild cats in captivity and in the wild.

Palm Oil-free Baking Guide

Holiday spoiler alert: Most store-bought desserts and baked sweets — everything from cookies and cupcakes to donuts and pies — use palm oil. The good news is that with a bit of a time investment, you can bake your own goods and avoid palm oil altogether.

Saving Seven Servals

We are excited to be welcoming seven new servals into the family, just in time for the holidays! This international rescue began several months ago when we were contacted by authorities in British Columbia, Canada after they shut down a backyard breeder.

A Morning with a Keeper

Carolina Tiger Rescue keeper Larissa explains how her day starts, which includes distributing morning meds! Spend a morning with a keeper.

Chuffling with Carolina Tiger Rescue

What sound does a tiger make? Clearly, the big cats can roar, but there’s a more social greeting the keepers at Carolina Tiger Rescue have grown to know. Get this: they can even mimic it!

There are some cats Carolina Tiger Rescue can’t take

The rescue decided it couldn’t take cat species, such as snow leopards and Canadian lynx, that require a cold climate. At least not at this time. The decision shows Carolina Tiger’s dedication to its rescue, education and conservation efforts. It isn’t fair to accept an animal who can’t get everything he or she needs here – including climate control.

Say No to Palm Oil, and Here’s Why

Palm oil production is the leading cause of habitat loss for Sumatran tigers. At least 90 percent of their habitat has been claimed by palm oil plantations.

Keeper Larissa Exercises with Servals

We noticed some of our small cats were carrying a few extra pounds. We then introduced them to an exercise routine that has worked well!

What Cub Petting Really Is

It’s hard to resist a cute and cuddly tiger cub, the reality behind cub petting though, is a dark one. Those facilities that are involved in cub petting are only concerned about one thing, and that is how much money they can make.

Quarantine: A Welcome Mat for Rescued Animals

We had a dream for a better welcome experience for our new animals- outdoor access, where they could lounge in the sun, hear the lions oofing at twilight and get used to the sounds of the tractor and vehicles. We want to really roll out the welcome mat and ensure these animals are comfortable and well-adjusted.

Top Threats Wild Cats Face

Nine tiger subspecies roamed the far east fewer than 100 years ago. Due to poaching and habitat loss, the Caspian, Javan, and Bali subspecies, which were all once found in Indonesia, were wiped out. The South China tiger is also considered functionally extinct. Though a few remain in zoos, one has not been spotted in the wild in more than 25 years.

WildTrack – How Captive Tigers Are Helping Their Wild Cousins

WildTrack, which uses non-evasive research to monitor wildlife, has been working with Carolina Tiger Rescue for several years to build a database of tiger footprints. They currently have prints from more than 20 animals, which are the foundation for their software called FIT (Footprint Identification Technology). By collecting prints, they have been able to extract algorithms to identify tigers. They can determine the subspecies, age, sex, and individual animal all from an image of their footprint.

Tigers Found in Train Car – How the Virginia Girls Came to Call Carolina Tiger Rescue Home

State officials in Virginia found the trio in a small, manure-filled cattle trailer during a raid in August 1995. The tigers were meant to be sold. Officials sent the trio to us when we were still known as Carnivore Preservation Trust, and they lived in peace.

How the Sanctuary is Cleared Every Morning

The first step every morning for Carolina Tiger Rescue animal keepers is to clear the sanctuary. One of our skilled keepers will drive around the sanctuary in an closed vehicle to check the health and safety statuses of the big and medium residents. Once complete, the staff will hear the “Sanctuary Safe” call over the radios. Watch Keeper Lauren clear the sanctuary!

Tigers Get a Visit from the Dentist

During the two-day mission for the Colorado-based nonprofit, doctors provided 14 root canals, four gingivoplasties, and one extraction. A gingivoplasty is a procedure to reshape gums. Enclosure mates Saber, 7, and Shenandoah, 15, got root canals on each of their four canines. Sebastian, 16, got an extraction and three root canals; Tio, 16, also got three root canals.

Why Servals Make Bad Pets

Hobie Serval has never lived in the wild. His species is native to Africa, but he’s never been there. He won’t ever go. The 12-year-old wild cat was formerly a pet whose family thought loving him would be enough to domesticate him. That’s hardly ever the case with pet servals.

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Texas ocelot kitten

Trail camera captures baby ocelot at Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge

A photograph of a young ocelot was released Tuesday by the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge on their Facebook page. The endangered feline was captured through a trail camera on Thanksgiving Day last year at the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge.

Bobcat On Utility Pole

One of the most elusive creatures on the Outer Banks photographed atop utility pole

A bobcat was photographed atop a utility pole on Bodie Island, proving the shy creatures live on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

Tigers in Bhutan

How one tigress in Bhutan is giving hope for conservation.

Camera traps have revealed a tigress with three healthy cubs in a wildlife corridor in Bhutan. It has been 7 years since the tigress was last seen which was during the national tiger survey in 2014.

Tiger Steals Bucket

Watch: Why did this tiger steal a bucket from a pair of Russian fishermen? We have some theories.

Up-close cameos by one of the world’s most all-around magnificent carnivores aren’t super-common. The Amur tiger, that great painted cat of northeastern Asia, tends to steer clear of people, which only makes its occasional, broad-daylight materialization out of the woods that much more remarkable.

Six-pound ‘mystery cat’ is Nat Geo photographer’s milestone species.

The Americas’ smallest wildcat is finally getting its day in the sun as the 10,000th image in the Photo Ark project, which aims to document every captive species on Earth.

Cougar or not? Why we think we see big cats in our backyards.

Many Americans mistakenly believe they see dangerous animals – so some scientists are taking to Twitter to correct these misperceptions.

Mountain Lion P-61 Safely Crosses 405 Freeway In Rare, Incredible Feat

A rare moment has been recorded as a mountain lion was tracked crossing a major thoroughfare in Los Angeles.

You Gonna Eat That? Leopard Steals Food Right Out of Crocodile’s Mouth

We know leopards are opportunistic, but snatching a meal right out of a croc’s mouth? Well that’s just rude.

Population of Endangered Ocelots Discovered in Sonora near Arizona Border

The discovery of a breeding, northern Sonora ocelot population just south of the border is a good sign for binational wildlife conservation.

Simply Stunning Rare Cat Caught On Camera

George Turner is a gifted wildlife photographer who excels at capturing animals in their natural state. Earlier this year when exploring the native wildlife of Tanzania on the Namiri Plains-Asilia Africa, he stumbled upon a most beautiful sight: a pure black African serval cat. The image of this rare big cat is simply stunning, and it’s easy to see why.

David Attenborough stunned as ‘largest-ever group of cheetahs’ carries out ingenious plan

David Attenborough was in awe as a coalition of cheetahs carried out an ingenious plan to catch their prey off-guard during the final episode of Seven Worlds, One Planet.

Why Are Some African Lions ‘White?’

They’re not albino—here’s why the big cats can sometimes be a very pale brown.

Rare Black-Maned Ethiopian Lion Caught on Video

What would you do if you suddenly ran into the king of beasts on a dark road in Ethiopia? Scream? Run? Faint? Not Çağan Şekercioğlu. Instead, he took a deep breath and kept his camera rolling from inside his vehicle, capturing a rare video of an Ethiopian lion.

Captive tigers in the U.S. outnumber those in the wild. It’s a problem.

Some are in roadside zoos. Some are pets. Many are abused. A lack of regulation on big cats is putting animals and humans at risk.

A Cinderella Story for Global Tiger Day

What does the fairy tale Cinderella have to do with Global Tiger Day? Quite a lot, if that story is about the wild Amur (or Siberian) tiger named Cinderella (“Zolushka” in Russian). Hers is a tale of hope—and one that provides a blueprint for the future of tigers across Asia.

House Natural Resources Committee Passes Bills to Protect Big Cats, Sharks, Species Killed for Sport

The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) commends the House Natural Resources Committee, under the leadership of Chairman Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ), for passing bills today to protect big cats, sharks and wild animals hunted for sport. The bills now await votes by the full chamber.

Police were called to a California home. They found a mountain lion trapped in the bathroom.

A California couple watching TV at home Sunday evening got an unwelcome visitor: a mountain lion that wandered in through their open door.

Virtual Reality Could Have a Positive Impact on the Environment — Here’s Why

You’ve probably heard of virtual reality (VR) talked about as a fun and immersive technology, but you may not have considered how it could favorably impact the environment. Here are some reasons why something that everyone’s buzzing about could have planet-protecting advantages.

These Wild Cats Make the Weirdest Sound

Video shows how lynx belt out their calls during a standoff.

Jaguars hunt endangered sea turtles in surprising new footage

The unusual behavior happens as thousands of sea turtles crowd Costa Rica’s beaches in their annual migration, known as the arribada.

This is the only place on Earth where lions live alone

In the harsh deserts of northern Kenya, prides don’t make sense. So lions have figured out another way to survive.

Peru Passes ‘Momentous’ Ban on Palm Oil Deforestation

Peru has committed to ending palm oil-driven deforestation by 2021. The National Wildlife Federation named the move a “momentous win” for wildlife and sustainable agriculture. If Peru carries out its commitment, it will be the second South American country after Colombia to pledge to produce palm oil without deforestation.

Florida officials are investigating why panthers are seen stumbling and falling down

There have been two confirmed cases of neurological damage in a panther and bobcat in Florida as of this month, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). The agency is investigating the cause of the disorder in the animals that is impacting their ability to walk.

Why captive breeding will not save the wild tiger

In contrast to wild tigers, the number of captive-bred tigers is reportedly growing. The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) estimates that there are 7,000+ tigers in captive-breeding facilities across China, Lao PDR, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. The vast majority of these facilities do not contribute to the conservation of tigers in the wild. What they do contribute to is persistent trade in tiger parts and products.

When Lions Attack Porcupines, Humans Suffer Unexpected Consequences

The first study of lion-porcupine interactions shows the spiny creatures can kill or seriously injure the big cats, with surprising impacts.

Infectious Outbreaks Threaten the Last Asiatic Lions

Parasites and dog disease in India sweep through the cats’ only home, triggering fears for the species’ survival.

Five Botswanan Lionesses Grow Manes, Start Acting Like Males

Though rumored for quite some time, scientists have officially reported the existence of maned female lions and have documented their more typically male behavior.

These dogs scare bears away—to protect them

Karelian bear dogs are a new, non-lethal tool for wildlife agencies concerned with ursine visitors getting too comfortable around humans.

How Mountain Lions Boost Biodiversity

Predators like wolves and lions run the animal kingdom’s version of meals on wheels, distributing food on a regular basis to those in need. But lions, it turns out, distribute food in their own way.

Animal Welfare Advocates Applaud Congressional Action to Restrict Possession of Dangerous Big Cats

Today, the Animal Welfare Institute, Big Cat Rescue, Born Free USA, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society Legislative Fund and Performing Animal Welfare Society celebrate the reintroduction of the Big Cat Public Safety Act (BCPSA) in the US House of Representatives.

How a South African Industrial Site is Providing a Safe Haven for Wild Cats

Ever since the industrial revolution, human activities have resulted in rapid environmental changes including degradation, fragmentation, and destruction of habitat, climate change and biodiversity loss. Animals, such as large carnivores, are often among the first to disappear as human disturbance increases.

Lions Have Adapted to Hunting Seals

Lions in Namibia have turned to hunting seabirds and seals in the face of scarce food resources in the desert landscape, research has found.

Panthera’s Small Cat Program

Ranging in size from the diminutive rusty-spotted cat, weighing around 5 pounds when fully grown, to the 50-pound Eurasian lynx, small wild cat species inhabit five of the world’s seven continents (excluding Australia and Antarctica) and are superbly adapted to an array of natural and increasingly unnatural environments, from deserts to rainforests to city parks.

Rat Poison Found in Tested Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Fishers

A new state analysis has documented super-toxic rat poisons in more than 85 percent of tested mountain lions, bobcats and protected Pacific fishers, prompting state regulators to open a new evaluation of whether to further restrict or ban the powerful toxins.

Tiger Population Doubles in Nepal

The number of wild tigers in Nepal has nearly doubled since 2009 to 235, according to the government’s latest survey. In 2009, there were just 121 tigers in the Terai Arc Landscape (TAL), a range that spans India and Nepal.

Bobcat Makes Iguana a Snack in Florida

A bobcat is apparently doing its part to control the growing iguana population in South Florida.

Mountain Lions Effected by California Wildfires

Officials with the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area say eight mountain lions are alive and moving based on GPS collars, apparently surviving the wildfires.

Eastern Cougar Declared Extinct

Many years prior to this tragic declaration, the species could be found in the eastern states of the country – particularly along the Mississippi River. However, the Eastern Puma had been listed as an endangered species for some time – and hasn’t been seen in the wild in over 80 years.

Tiger Deaths Hit the 100-Mark Again

It’s a classic case of viewing the glass as half empty or half full. For the third straight year, the number of tiger deaths in India have touched the 100-figure mark. However, the number of deaths in 2018 have decreased as compared to the year before that.

Tiger and Snow Leopard Migratory Patterns Overlap

History has been created with the first-ever camera footage of the Bengal Tiger and the Snow Leopard roaming the forests of the Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary, East Sikkim. While this is the first time that a tiger has been spotted in the state, it is also a first for the snow leopard being spotted in the eastern part of Sikkim.


About Carolina Tiger Rescue

Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and in the wild.

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