Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and in the wild.


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The Paw Print

Winter 2017

Winter 2017

In the Winter 2017 issue of The Paw Print, learn how we keep our promise to give rescued cats the best life possible, what life in a roadside zoo means for wild cats, meet Tasha Tiger, and learn how we adapt our care to a new animal’s needs. You will also find information about our 11th annual Black Tie & Tails Ball on February 24, 2018!

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Fall 2017

Fall 2017

In the Fall 2017 issue of the Paw Print, we Honor International Tiger Day, talk about what it means to have a wild cat as a pet, introduce you to Daxon Serval, and explain how new animals are introduced to the sanctuary. Read about our wonderful Volunteers of the Month, our 11th annual Black Tie & Tails Ball, and learn how you can come out to meet the residents and get involved.

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Here’s where white tigers come from

You’ll probably be seeing a lot of white tigers over the next few weeks, and we ask that you use this as a chance to spread the message about the plight they face in captivity.

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Volunteer of the Month, February 2018

Carolina Tiger Rescue, formerly the Carnivore Preservation Trust, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and in the wild. Sally quickly became a wonderful asset to Carolina Tiger in just a...

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Be our guest!

The 11th Annual Black Tie & Tails Auction will take place on Feb. 24 at Washington Duke Inn in Durham.

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Looking to do a story?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The contact person for marketing and public relations is Executive Director Pam Fulk, 919-542-4684 x3000. 
  • Carolina Tiger is open daily from 8:30am to 5:00pm. We are closed only on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
  • Carolina Tiger does not permit the media to be present during a rescue/receiving new animals. This is one of the most dangerous times for a sanctuary, so only staff members are present. It is also an anxious time for the animals being transferred. They may have just completed a long journey in a cramped space and their whole world has changed within hours. 
  • New animals are immediately unloaded into quarantine, where they will undergo medical exams and evaluation. Quarantine typically lasts 3 to 4 weeks. It is also during this time that we assess each animal’s behavior and personality to determine whether they will be placed on the tour route or elsewhere in the sanctuary. During this time we do not permit anyone other than staff to visit the new animals.
  • We do have a professional photographer on staff, and we take pictures and video during rescues and quarantine. Reporters may request pictures and video during these times and we will be happy to supply them.
  • Carolina Tiger has numerous suggestions for story ideas.