Tio Tiger moves into his forever home


Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and in the wild.


One of our newest rescues has already felt the grass beneath his paws! 

Tio Tiger moved into his spacious outdoor enclosure on Wednesday. He was one of tour tigers from the Southwest Rescue on April 6. He was the lone male among the group, which also included Kaari, Shira and Yanaba Tigers. 

Tio, who was previously named Chico, displayed his mellow personality early. Our vet Dr. Angela Lassiter was able to perform his medical exam in quarantine within his first week here, and the 16-year-old tiger was neutered while he was sedated. Because he did so well, our animal care team was able to move him out sooner than expected. His departure from quarantine also created more space for the other three tigers. 

Tio Tiger settles down into his enclosure, drinking in the scenes around. 

Tio Tiger steps out of his transport crate 

Tio enjoys a drink of water 


Tio in quarantine 

Tio moved into an enclosure on Pine Forest. He seems to be a good fit for the tour route, but our keepers will give him a few days to adjust before making the final call. His new neighbor is Santana Serval, and the two seem like they’ll be good buddies. They were stalking and chasing each other down their respective fence lines soon after Tio entered the enclosure. 

A chipper tiger zipped out of his transport crate the moment the release door raised. He wasn’t shy about exploring his forever home, marking territory, rolling in the high grass and chewing on his enrichment. 

We don’t have many details about Tio’s past. He is declawed on all four paws. We aren’t sure what his previous enclosure was like. 

We are so glad to provide him with a peaceful place to live with respect.

Welcome, Tio!