Adopt a Wild Cat

Create a personal connection with an amazing wild animal when you adopt an animal at Carolina Tiger Rescue.

With your symbolic adoption, you will be able to form a very special and life-long relationship with a wonderful animal.  Your generosity is much appreciated and will allow us to continue to care for these beautiful animals. 

The annual commitment to adopt an animal is as follows:

Large Cats

Tigers, Lions, Cougars, Leopards

Small Cats

Caracls, Servals, Ocelots, Bobcats

Other Animals

Kinkajous and Coatimundis

Adoption is an annual commitment for the lifetime of an individual animal. The cost of adoption is based on the size of the animal and reflects the typical cost of care. Adopted animals remain at Carolina Tiger Rescue in the care of the keeper staff. After an indepth orientation, adoptive parents are allowed unlimited visits with their animal and will be trained to interact with their animal. Adoptive parents also receive a photo of their animal, an adoption certificate, and periodic updates on their animal.

If you have questions about the Adoption Program, or need assistance selecting your animal, please contact Heidi Zangara or call (919) 542-4684 x 3010.