Prepping for Winter

Home»Newsroom» Winter is fast approaching!  As the cats start to grow their long winter coats, the staff at Carolina Tiger Rescue also preps for the winter.  While it’s easy to see why we need some items others may be less obvious.  Here are the items on out Winter Wish List.  Indoor Housing This year we are excited to have purchased amazing new indoor habitats for our more weather sensitive animals.  The items below will be used primary in these habitats to keep everyone clean, happy, and engaged! Mops will help the keepers keep the floors clean for the kinks! Speaking of cleaning… we are always sweeping up newspaper and other items from the floor.  And into the trashcans it goes!   Eye Hooks:  Used to add hang enrichment items for the animals Kinks love to have their enrichment hung up high*!  *not all of our staff and volunteers are that tall Boots at Carolina Tiger Rescue tend to pick up a bit of mud, so before going into the habitats, we would love to be able to kick off some of the mud.  And then we are ready for a final quick cleaning before heading indoors! Lowes Gift Cards are a great way to fill in the missing pieces for enrichment and daily care of the animals.  Out in the Sanctuary Winter in the Sanctuary can get a little tough.  Below you will find items that make working in the cold, rainy, muddy, windy weather just a bit more bearable.  Extension cords are used all over the Sanctuary at different times.  Depending the job, we sometimes use 10ft lengths.  Other...

Last Twilight 2018

Thank you to everyone who came out for our annual Last Twilight donor event on Saturday, November 3, 2018! Keeper Lauren Humphries had a lot to tell us about operant conditioning for our animals.

2019 Calendars and Coloring Books are Here!

Just in time for gift-giving season, our coloring book and calendar are sure to delight! Full of cool facts and ready to color, the coloring book is great for animal lovers of any age. The 2019 Pawcasso calendar is sure to brighten up your desk with playful masterpieces created by our furry friends.

Palm Oil-free Candy

Everyone asks us how to save tigers in the wild. Here’s the easiest answer: be a cautious consumer when it comes to purchasing Halloween and holiday candy. Here’s a list of palm oil-free candy and a report card for candy manufacturers.