Celebrate International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day is July 29, 2019, and it’s a great time to reflect on the lessons we are learning about tigers, both in captivity and in the wild. Animals are used for exploitation every day. Here are some ways you can make better decisions and reduce the negative impact we have on tigers.

Quarantine: A Welcome Mat for Rescued Animals

Have you noticed that Quarantine is under construction? We are expanding to add outdoor access, which greatly improves the quality of care animals receive, as well as allowing for more animals to be housed at a time. Quarantine is our welcome mat to the sanctuary, where new residents receive much-needed vet care, get their vaccines and get acquainted with their new homes.

Spring Sanctuary Spruce-up

Home» category» Newsroom» Spring has officially sprung at the sanctuary! Tigers watch with great anticipation as pools are delivered. Santana Serval enjoys a gentle shower from a keeper’s hose. Two owlets peer from their nest, high up in a tree by our main building. Sweet scents of jasmine and honeysuckle waft in the breeze. And… ugh, fire ants are mounding along tour paths, vines are spiraling up enclosures and Rajah Tiger has such a jungle he can’t find his denbox. We welcome you to come out and pull weeds, but we could also use some equipment and supplies to get things cleaned up. Can you help? Wild Cat Cool Down The animals love basking in the sun, but they also need a good cool down. Here are some things that make that possible. These make great icepops. Bloodsicle, anyone? These hose valves make filling up tiger pools a snap. Grass whips enable us to ensure animal safety during marathon cat naps in the shade. Lowes Gift Cards are a great way to fill in the missing pieces for enrichment and daily care of the animals.  Out in the Sanctuary Between the high grass, fast-growing weeds and fire ants, the sanctuary can get unruly. Here are some items to tame the jungle. The best fire ant prevention? Orange oil and Dawn dish soap! Added to orange oil, this makes an all-natural, animal-friendly fire ant prevention Perfect for tight spaces Help us get a bit of height for clearing vines off enclosures The Dirt Dog’s box blade gives us the ability to spread gravel, grade and level land to make tour...