2019 Calendars and Coloring Books are Here!

Just in time for gift-giving season, our coloring book and calendar are sure to delight! Full of cool facts and ready to color, the coloring book is great for animal lovers of any age. The 2019 Pawcasso calendar is sure to brighten up your desk with playful masterpieces created by our furry friends.

Palm Oil-free Candy

Everyone asks us how to save tigers in the wild. Here’s the easiest answer: be a cautious consumer when it comes to purchasing Halloween and holiday candy. Here’s a list of palm oil-free candy and a report card for candy manufacturers.

Pumpkin Enrichment

Fall is finally here and we’re celebrating by having some pumpkin enrichment fun with the animals to stimulate the senses and enhance their well-being.

Jericho Cougar

Jericho Cougar

Home»Newsroom» Archive-RescueOne- Jericho (3)2014-02-26 Jericho (11)2013-11-15 Jericho (6)2013-09-24 Jericho (18)2013-02-10 Jericho Valentine (36)2013-02-10 Jericho Valentine (34)2012-11-04 Jericho (24)2012-08-01 Jericho (1)2012-07-20 Jericho (3)2012-08-24 Jericho (25) - 8x102012-11-04 Jericho (23)2013-03-13 Jericho (21)2013-03-13 Jericho (18)2013-03-13 Jericho (20)2013-03-13 Jericho (21)2013-06-19 Jericho (3)2013-11-15 Jericho (4)2013-09-24 Jericho (22)2013-08-09 Jericho (1)2013-11-15 Jericho (4) Born May 25, 1998 Rescued May 25, 2012 Passed away August 19, 2018 Jericho’s Story Jericho came to Carolina Tiger Rescue with Nakobi Cougar, Roscoe and Camilla Tigers, and Roman and  Reina Lions from Rescue One in Ohio. Rescue One decided to close its doors because they could not keep up with the changing laws regarding wild animal ownership in Ohio. They were also in financial trouble and could no longer afford to keep the animals. It is not known where Jericho was before going to Rescue One. Jericho’s Passing August 20, 2018 After monitoring Jericho Cougar’s condition over the weekend, we made the decision to euthanize him late last night. His body had just been through enough, and we were no longer able to control his pain. Jericho was certainly loved by many. His stately demeanor was a settling presence for everyone who was fortunate enough to meet him. He has always been very much an old soul. He’s not silly like Nakobi or even reserved like Star. It’s easy for the more rambunctious animals to get a lot of attention, but Jericho never needed to perform silly antics (I’m looking at you, Nakobi!) I truly feel people were drawn to his quiet meditative nature. He just seemed to appreciate people spending time with him and would often reward you with a...