How Tio Came to the Sanctuary

Tio was rescued in April of 2018 along with 3 other tigers from a facility in the southwestern part of the United States. Carolina Tiger Rescue worked with In-Sync Exotics, of Texas, to transport the four tigers to their new forever home here in Pittsboro, NC.



Tio is an extremely laid-back tiger who isn’t bothered by much of anything. He is social and enjoys the attention from tour guests and his keepers. Tio is loving his new home, and all the new experiences that come with it. He loves tearing up enrichment, hanging out in his pool, and lounging in the shade. 


Tio has a unique look. He has a large head, but his body is not extremely large. Tio has a lot of ruff around his face and a dark orange coat. Tio does have a distinct walk, due to being declawed at some point in his life before he was rehomed at Carolina Tiger Rescue. Due to this declaw his feet flop as he walks. 

Where in Sanctuary

Tio lives along the tour path across the road from Saber and Shenandoah Tigers and Mona and Moki Tigers. He lives next to Santana Serval, who he loves to play chase with along their enclosure walls that face each other.

Roadside Zoos

At times our animals come from sensitive and ongoing situations and we are unable to disclose many details, as sometimes we are not given those details. This is the case with Tio and the 3 other tigers he was rescued with. In the future, if it is appropriate and we receive more information, we will disclose it then.


Panthera tigris

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