Madonna Tiger has tooth removed

Madonna Tiger was sedated Tuesday because of a tooth root abscess. 

The animal care team noticed swelling in the 12-year-old cat’s right cheek on Friday and treated her with antibiotics, which reduced the swelling. 

Carolina Tiger Rescue vet Dr. Angela Lassiter discovered the abscess on Madonna’s top right molar not long after the procedure started. She removed the tooth, which had rotten roots. 

The procedure took about three hours. Madonna will be on antibiotics for another week or so. 

Madonna came to the rescue from a private home in Alabama in 2015. Her elderly owner operated a roadside zoo, but the facility closed. Madonna was one of four tigers that Carolina Tiger rescued from the site.

Speedy recovery, Madonna!

Dr. Angela Lassiter works to remove Madonna Tiger’s tooth while the cat is sedated

Madonna Tiger was sedated for the dental procedure 

A closeup of Madonna’s rotten tooth, which was removed 

Madonna Tiger is recovering from her procedure