Toby is a shy cat who enjoys watching things from afar.  Once he feels comfortable though, he will make his way up to visit staff members. Even after he’s met someone several times it can sometimes take him a while to approach them.  He is a fluffy, gray bobcat with a lot of fur around his face.

Born August 1, 2013

Rescued December 11, 2016

How Toby Came to the Sanctuary

Toby came to Carolina Tiger Rescue in December of 2016 from a facility in Colorado.  This facility was closed down due when the owner fell ill.  Carolina Tiger Rescue worked with several other sanctuaries from around the country to find homes for over 100 animals.


Toby is a shy, reserved bobcat who takes a while to warm up to new situations.  Toby loves to be up high and spends a lot of time on his tall platforms.  He is also extremely athletic.  Toby is not as food motivated as some of the other cats and it takes some time for him to figure out how to access his food when it is given to him in a puzzle feeder.


Toby is a fluffy bobcat with striking gray fur.  His spots are a little less visible than Toby’s but can be seen down towards his belly.  Toby has a lot of fur around his face and is larger than our other resident bobcat Talon. 

Where in Sanctuary

Toby is currently behind the quarantine building away from most of the hustle and bustle of the sanctuary.  He prefers a quiet life and likely will not be on tour.

Pet Trade

Toby was originally born in a fur farm but a family who went to visit the fur farm decided to purchase him to save him from becoming fur. He then lived in their house, as a pet, until neighbors began to complain. Many people believe that animals such as Toby, if given love, affection, and food can learn to be a pet and then find out they do not lose their wild nature. Toby is a wild bobcat who, if provoked will quickly show his bobcat attitude. He is a wild animal capable of serious damage. Toby is declawed on all four paws, this is not uncommon when wild animals are brought into homes, in the hopes of making them "safer". Carolina Tiger Rescue does not believe any wild animal should be privately owned as it is unsafe for humans and unfair to the animals.

Lynx rufus

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Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and in the wild.

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