Shira is a playful tiger who enjoys the company of Kaari Tiger. She was rescued along with three other tigers, in April of 2018. Shira enjoys all the new experiences at Carolina Tiger Rescue and typically just goes with the flow. 

Born September 3, 2007
Rescued April 6, 2018

How Shira Came to the Sanctuary

Shira was rescued along with 3 other tigers, Kaari, Yanaba, and Tio, from a facility in the southwestern part of the United States. Due to limited details and the ongoing situation, not much else is known about where the 4 tigers came from. 


Despite her age, Shira is quite playful. She enjoys running around and exploring her enclosure. She loves new enrichment and basking in her pool. Shira is very food motivated and is settling into her new life here at Carolina Tiger Rescue. She loves to stalk up at the fence or from far away. She will most likely be the one at the fence to greet you or stalk you. She can sometimes be too playful with Kaari and Kaari will tell her right away how she feels about that. Shira loves to be sneaky and hide behind platforms, tree's, even water dishes. She is very curious and she is the first one to check things out. When Shira got her first pool she went right in and enjoys taking a dip on hot days. She is doing great with Kaari as an enclosure mate.


Shira has a darker fluffier coat than Kaari or Yanaba. She seems to be a little shorter in stature than the other two. Her face is definitely smaller than Kaari and Yanaba, her snout is shorter and slightly more narrow than Kaari's and Yanaba’s

Where in Sanctuary

Shira lives in an enclosure on Forest Pine with Kaari and Yanaba. Currently only her and Kaari have access to one another. Due to the timidness of Yanaba and Kaari, the girls live away from the tour path. 

Rescues with Little Information

The 4 tigers, Shira, Yanaba, Kaari, and Tio, who came from the southwestern part of the United States came from a sensitive situation and not many details were provided. In some situations we have lots of information and can plan ahead of time, while others pop up quickly and require discretion. The important thing is, these animals now are in their forever home and have nothing to worry about, except when the food truck is coming.

Panthera tigris