India is a gorgeous tiger with darker fur and darker markings.  She is a little less confident than her enclosure-mates and definitely the least dominant of the three.  She loves to stalk people, which is a great reminder that she is still a wild cat!  Once she knows you have seen her, however, she turns into a chuffle machine!

Born June 1, 2010

Rescued October 12, 2016

How India Came to the Sanctuary

India came to Carolina Tiger Rescue with her enclosure-mates, Caprichio and Carolina, along with 13 other animals from a facility in Colorado. This facility was closed down when the owner fell ill. Carolina Tiger Rescue worked with several other sanctuaries around the country to find homes for over 100 animals.


India is a reserved tiger who can be quite stoic at times. Even when you think she is not paying attention, you can bet she is observing every move you make. India loves to talk to people she knows and will do so with chuffles and moans that sound like cow moos. India often opts to let Carolina take the lead and check out enrichment first, but when it is her time, India acts like a big cub and enjoys destroying everything she gets!


India has a beautiful, dark orange coat that helps her stand apart from her enclosure-mates. Along with her dark coat, she has jet black stripes that are striking. She even has a couple stripes on the right side of her face that look like a heart! India has a petite body, but one that packs a lot of punch!

Where in Sanctuary

India lives with her enclosure-mates, Caprichio and Carolina Tiger on Oak Hill. Rajah Tiger lives on one side of them and Saber and Shira Tiger live on the other.

Habitat Destruction

It is estimated that 1/3 of all land mammals will risk extinction by the year 2050 if the current trend continues. These animals are losing their habitats at an alarming rate. On average, 300 football fields' worth of rainforest is cleared each hour for palm oil plantations. Palm oil is an easy and cheap crop to grow that is in over 50% of consumer goods. The area in which palm oil is planted is home to tigers, orangutans, and countless other species, big and small, that are vital to the Earth’s well-being.

Panthera tigris

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