Carolina is a very confident tiger who enjoys greeting visitors with her moans and chuffles.  She loves the spotlight and will almost always come up to visit when people are out and about.  She also loves to sun herself on top of one of the platforms in her enclosure.

Born March 4, 2010
Rescued October 11, 2016

How Carolina Came to the Sanctuary

Carolina came to Carolina Tiger Rescue with her enclosure mates Caprichio and India along with 13 other animals from a facility out in west.  The owner decided to sell his land and donate his animals when he became ill.  Carolina Tiger Rescue worked with several other sanctuaries from around the country to find homes for over 100 animals. This is the largest rescue to date in Carolina Tiger Rescue's history and the largest rescue of big cats in the United States.


Carolina is a very social tiger who enjoys visiting with guests.  She is often the first to come up to the fence when someone walks buy.  She is always good for a chuffle or tiger moan, which happens to sound like a cow mooing.  Carolina is the more dominant between her and India.  She always makes sure that India knows that she is the first to get to eat and the first with enrichment by giving her a growl or two.  


Carolina has a much lighter coat than her enclosure mates India and Caprichio.  Her stripes are also much lighter and she has a lot of fluff around her face.

Where in Sanctuary

Carolina lives on Oak Hill with Caprichio and India. On one side is Rajah Tiger and on the other side Sebastian and Sheba Lions.

Habitat Destruction

It is estimated that 1/3 of all land mammals will be risk extinction by the year 2050 if the current trend continues.  These animals are losing their habitats at an alarming rate.  On average 300 football field’s worth of rainforest are cleared each hour for palm oil plantations.  Palm oil is an easy and cheap crop to grow that is in over 50% of consumer goods.  The area in which palm oil is planted is home to tigers, orangutans, and countless other species big and small that are vital to the Earth’s well being.

Panthera tigris