Caprichio is our largest tiger at Carolina Tiger Rescue.  He weighs 478 pounds and it is all muscle!  This big boy does take time to get used to things however but once he warms up to new experiences he is as relaxed as can be and loves attention from passerby’s.

Born June 1, 2010
Rescued October 11, 2016

How Caprichio Came to the Sanctuary

Caprichio came to Carolina Tiger Rescue with his enclosure mates India and Carolina and 13 other animals from a facility out in west.  This facility was closed down due when the owner fell ill.  Carolina Tiger Rescue worked with several other sanctuaries from around the country to find homes for over 100 animals. 


Caprichio, despite his large size, is a bit nervous around new experiences.  He tends to get a little nervous when he is not used to something, but once he settles in he loves to chuffle and show how content he is.  Caprichio does love to boss the girls around and at times will roar at them especially if there is food around, for this reason he is fed apart from the girls.  It certainly is not his fault though, wild tigers are solitary and it is not in his genes to share.   


Caprichio is the largest tiger at Carolina Tiger Rescue currently weighing in at over 550 pounds of pure muscle.  We have had some overweight cats before but Caprichio is all muscle!  This big boy has a beautiful bright orange coat and a head so large you can't miss it!  Caprichio does have a bowed back leg that is likely due to malnutrition as a cub and he walks with a bit of a limp, but he does not let it slow him down!

Where in Sanctuary

Caprichio lives on Oak Hill with his enclosure mates India and Carolina.  On one side is Rajah Tiger and on the other side Sebastian and Sheba Lions.

Habitat Destruction

It is estimated that 1/3 of all land mammals will be risk extinction by the year 2050 if the current trend continues.  These animals are losing their habitats at an alarming rate.  On average 300 football field’s worth of rainforest are cleared each hour for palm oil plantations.  Palm oil is an easy and cheap crop to grow that is in over 50% of consumer goods.  The area in which palm oil is planted is home to tigers, orangutans, and countless other species big and small that are vital to the Earth’s well being.

Panthera tigris