Zoey is a very petite serval, but she makes up for her small size with her big attitude.  Zoey always has something to say and hisses often.  She is sometimes hard to find because she is often hiding in the grass, keeping an eye on anyone nearby.  Zoey’s small size is likely due to a lack of nutrition as a kitten.  Zoey was a former pet who likely was not fed a proper carnivore diet of strictly meat or given enough room to roam.  Zoey is a natural on tour, showing everyone her fast paw strike and is a good reminder of how wild she still is.

Born November 13, 2008
Rescued November 13, 2013

How Zoey Came to the Sanctuary

Zoey was rescued from a private home in Hendersonville, NC. Police found her abandoned in a crate in the backyard when they arrived to serve arrest warrants for her owners.  She was taken to a veterinary clinic and fed a diet of spinach and corn.  When Carolina Tiger Rescue staff arrived to pick her up, she was incredibly cooperative when she realized we had chicken!  Servals are obligate carnivores, and after eating vegetables for a few days she was starving. Her eagerness for chicken made loading her very easy.


Zoey is a very petite serval, but don't let that fool you.  She is just as feisty as any other! She always has something to say and hisses often.  When she first arrived, staff members nicknamed her "Sassy" before choosing the name Zoey.  Visitors often remark that they didn't see her, but that's because you have to know where to look.  She's usually hiding in the grass right in front of you!  Zoey's particularly small size pairs well with her distinctive serval markings, making her an expert at camouflage.  But, she'll still come out of hiding for a chicken treat!


Zoey is recognizable by her short stature.  Also if one looks closely they may notices a bit of a crooked tail, due to multiple breaks, likely from hitting it against something in her enclosure before she was rescued.

Where in Sanctuary

Zoey is located in Pear Orchard, set back from the tour path across from Leah’s second shift.  She is on tour however and does love to greet visitors with a typical Serval hiss.

Pet Trade

North Carolina is one of four states were it is still legal to own a non native species.  In other words it is legal in the state of North Carolina to own a lion, tiger, and other wild cats.  Zoey is a direct result of this lack of legislation.  Due to how easily animals such as Zoey can be acquired people are obtaining them as pets and then realizing, sometimes at the expense of a human life, or the animals life, this isn't a good idea.  Animals such as Elvis deserve to be respected as the wild animals they are.

Leptailurus serval