Magoo enjoys greeting guests and keepers with a growl or a meow, and loves to investigate anything that is going on around his enclosure. Magoo, named for the bespectacled cartoon character, sports very prominent white rings around his eyes. Magoo, like most ocelots, loves different perfumes and musks – the stinkier, the better!

Born January 8, 2000

How Magoo Came to the Sanctuary

Magoo was born as part of Carolina Tiger Rescue’s former breeding program. Carolina Tiger Rescue, formally Carnivore Preservation Trust, was originally founded to breed keystone species in hopes of one day releasing them into a safe environment, but that day never came. The animals who were born here will remain at Carolina Tiger Rescue for their lives.


Magoo is very social with those he recognizes and with very small groups. He does, however, get very anxious around larger groups and so he lives off the tour path.


Magoo was named for the white rings around his large eyes that look a lot like spectacles. Ocelot eyes are larger than most cats' because they are primarily nocturnal animals. Their eyes are almost as large as human eyes, despite their head being much smaller than a human's.

Where in Sanctuary

Magoo is located in Elm Grove, next to Lola Kinkajou.


In the late 1990's, Carolina Tiger Rescue, formally Carnivore Preservation Trust, decided that we would stop breeding, due to the number of accredited facilities that were abiding by the Species Survival Plan. The Species Survival Plan was set up to ensure that breeding in captivity was only being done to conserve a species. This helped limit needless breeding and prevents a surplus of animals living in captivity. Carolina Tiger Rescue only supports breeding in captivity if it is done in accordance with the Species Survival Plan.

Leopardus pardalis