Julio Ocelot

Julio is a typical cat; he does things on his own time and only when he feels like it. He is shy around large groups so he lives off the tour path. Julio enjoys napping the day away or hanging out in his favorite tree. Ocelots are great climbers and have big feet to help them traverse the branches. Julio is a handsome ocelot with dark markings that make him a favorite among staff and volunteers.

Born April 18, 1997

How Julio Came to the Sanctuary

Julio was captive born at the Oklahoma City Zoological Park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is on loan from Oklahoma.  He came to live at Carolina Tiger Rescue in 2003.


Julio has the perfect cat attitude. He does everything on his own time, and is not even easily enticed with food. Julio’s personality goes to show you, you cannot make a cat do anything it does not want to do. Julio does often come out of his den box when people come near his enclosure, to check them out, but he does not like large groups of people.


Julio is known at Carolina Tiger Rescue as our small, dark ocelot. Julio has the darkest markings of all of our ocelots. His features are very striking. 

Where in Sanctuary

Julio is located in Elm Grove behind Electra Caracal. Julio is off the tour route due to his anxieties with large groups of people.

Species Survival Plan

In the late 1990's Carolina Tiger Rescue, formally Carnivore Preservation Trust, decided that we were no longer going to breed due to the number of accredited facilities that were working under the Species Survival Plan.  The Species Survival Plan was set up to ensure that breeding in captivity was only being done to conserve a species.  This helped limit needless breeding and prevents a surplus of animals living in captivity.  Carolina Tiger Rescue only supports breeding in captivity if it is done in accordance with the Species Survival Plan.

Leopardus pardalis

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