Sebastian is our largest lion and largest animal at Carolina Tiger Rescue. He weighs 475 pounds! Though Sebastian is the largest in the sanctuary and the largest in his pride, he lets Sheba lioness boss him around. Sebastian is a pretty laid back lion who enjoys napping in the sun and sometimes is too lazy to even get up and eat. Sebastian loves to destroy boxes and will often lounge on them to flatten them down as far as they will go!

Born January 1, 2002
Rescued November 12, 2010

How Sebastian Came to the Sanctuary

Sebastian was originally used in a Haunted House in Texas.  He, along with tigers, bears, and wolves were used as part of the décor in the haunted house.  His owner died prematurely and left his animals in his parents care, and they decided not to keep the big cats and bears and sent the animals to the Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO) in Texas.  WAO shut down in 2010 and over 300 animals had to be rehomed.  Carolina Tiger Rescue rescued 10 animals including 3 lions and 7 tigers.


Sebastian is typically a laid back lion who loves to spend his days sleeping.  He loves to let Sheba run the show and will just follow her lead.  Typically in a lion pride, the male lion is the dominant one, however due to him being neutered Sebastian is second in command to Sheba. 


Sebastian is known for his large size.  He is the largest of all our animals at Carolina Tiger Rescue weighing in at around 600 pounds.  He does not have his mane due to being neutered.  When a male lion is neutered they lose their mane. 

Where in Sanctuary

Sebastian is located on Oak Hill with Sheba and is flanked on one side by Roman and Reina Lions and on the other side by India, Carolina, and Caprichio Tigers.

Wild Animals in Entertainment

Wild animals, like Sebastian, that end up in entertainment rarely lead a life of luxury.  Sebastian was used in a haunted house in Texas for the first part of his life.  We are unsure of what his role in the haunted house was but we can be certain it was not a safe environment for Sebastian.  Wild animals in entertainment are often mistreated, underfed, and overworked.  These are animals that are meant to be living in natural habitats, like out of on the savannas of Africa rather than on a sound stage surrounded by loud noises, bright lights, and lots of people.

Carolina Tiger Rescue is against all forms of wild animals in entertainment.  With the technology that is around today, it is difficult for us to see why real wild animals need to be used when the computer generated images of them are so life-like and do not provide a dangerous environment of the animal or the people around them.  In the movie Life of Pi, a real tiger was used for several scenes.  This tiger almost drowned on set.  These animals are unpredictable and deserve to be given the respect of being a wild animal.   

Panthera leo