Wednesday is our oldest animal. She is a quiet kinkajou who enjoys her sleep. She however has quite the feisty side and can be very dangerous if provoked. Wednesday was unfortunately declawed by her former owner, in an attempt to make her “safer”, but Wednesday packs a lot of attitude into her small body and when she continued to be too much to handle she was surrendered by her owner to Carolina Tiger Rescue.  Wednesday enjoys her peaceful life at Carolina Tiger, where she is left alone unless its time for dinner.

Born March 25, 1988
Rescued March 24, 1993

How Wednesday Came to the Sanctuary

Wednesday was a private pet before coming to Carolina Tiger Rescue but was surrendered to Carolina Tiger after continually biting her owner.  Wednesday was declawed by her owners and as a result she now has arthritis in her nubby fingers.


Wednesday can be very deceptive in her nature.  She usually puts on a cute face for visitors but don’t let that adorable face deceive you; Kinkajous are very aggressive creatures that are also known as “The Devil’s Honey Bear”.  Wednesday has been known to try to attack keepers and volunteers who get too close to her enclosure and aren’t paying attention.


Wednesday was born in 1988 in an unknown location and became a private pet at a young age.  Despite her age she continues to be aggressive towards people and things she does not like.  Her first warning comes as a hiss and growl, then she will lash out with her hands.  Typically at the end of Kinkajou finger are long sharp claws, but Wednesday was unfortunately declawed by her previous owner.   This has caused arthritis in her hands, which has become very painful to her.

Where in Sanctuary

During the summer Wednesday’s enclosure is on Cherry Lane next to Nakobi Cougar and Albert Kinkajou.  In the colder months however the Kinkajous are moved inside due to the inability to regulate their body temperatures in the cold weather. 

Pet Trade

North Carolina is one of four states were it is still legal to own a non native species.  In other words it is legal in the state of North Carolina to own a lion, tiger, and exotic wild animals.  Wednesday is a direct result of this lack of legislation.  Due to how easily animals such as Wednesday can be acquired people are obtaining them as pets and then realizing, sometimes at the expense of a human life, or the animals life, this isn't a good idea.  Animals such as Wednesday deserve to be respected as the wild animals they are.  

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