Ranger Bobcat is a quiet bobcat who enjoys his time away from the tour path. He loves to lounge up on his catwalks, high above the ground and watch the bustling sanctuary. Ranger is inquisitive but takes some time to warm up to new things. He loves getting treats off a stick but appreciates his enrichment when no one else is around.

Born March 27, 2009

Rescued March 27, 2019

How Ranger Came to the Sanctuary

Ranger came to Carolina Tiger Rescue in March of 2019. A family found him as a kitten in California where they were living at the time 10 years ago. When the family moved to Virginia 2 years later they took him with them. Like in most states, it was illegal for them to have him in Virginia. When approached by authorities they agreed to send him to Carolina Tiger Rescue. 


Ranger is a quiet and reserved bobcat. He was extremely nervous in quarantine but is enjoying life in his new outdoor enclosure away from the tour path. Ranger loves hanging up on his catwalks that allow him to oversee his surroundings. He does come down for treats and food, but prefers small groups which is why he lives away from the tour path.


Ranger's coat is a light gray with hints of brown in it. He has a narrow face with tiny tufts of hair on the tips of his point ears. Ranger has a pink nose and he has very little ruff around his face.

Where in Sanctuary

Ranger lives off tour in Elm Grove. He lives next door to Blondie Serval and Santana Serval.

Wild Animals as Pets

It is unknown whether Ranger was picked up by the family because he had been orphaned or abandoned by his mother, or if his mom was out hunting, but the best thing to do if someone comes across a wild animal is to simply leave it alone. If someone is worried about a baby animal who may have been abandoned they should call their local wildlife agency to alert them. Removing an animal from the wild is not only harmful to that animal but also to the ecosystem. Wild animals should never be pets. 

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