Bud Coatimundi

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Bud Coatimundi was rescued from a roadside zoo in Canada that was closed down due to many violations. Bud was brought to Carolina Tiger Rescue along with 3 other coatimundis and an African Crested porcupine. 

Born June 30, 2016

Rescued June 30, 2019

How Bud Came to the Sanctuary

Bud was rescued from a roadside zoo that was closed down in Canada in the summer of 2019. The animals at the roadside zoo were evidence in a court case for about 2 years which meant Carolina Tiger Rescue could not talk about the animals we received from that rescue during that time. The case has now been resolved which means the animals have been permanently placed with Carolina Tiger Rescue and we can now tell about their story.


Bud is by far one of our more social coatimundis. He loves to come up to the fence to greet visitors but can be a bit skittish with loud noises and quick movements. He loves enrichment and spends most of his time in the outdoor portion of his enclosure.


Bud is larger than the girl coatimundis and is distinguishable by his stocky build. He also has a shorter tail than the other coatimundis.

Where in Sanctuary

Bud currently lives in an enclosure in Elm Grove. He is next to Lola and Baxter Kinkajou. In the winter, he lives inside by Garcia Raccoon.

Roadside Zoos

Bud Coatimundi came from a roadside zoo. Roadside zoos are zoos that pop up on the side of the road to draw in tourists. Most of these places lack proper facilities to adequately take care of their animals. They often breed to bring money in because the public finds it hard to resist baby animals. They rarely provide the animals with proper enclosures with enough space for the animals to live a good life. Please check out places before you visit them. Ask questions. Find out what their mission is and why they exist. Find out what their primary goal is.

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