Volunteer of the Month, October 2017


Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and in the wild.


Helena has been volunteering with us for more than a year, and she has participated in many events and different aspects of Carolina Tiger Rescue. We love Helena’s dedication to animal care and her strong work ethic. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for the animals is infectious! Helena has also volunteered at the Black Tie and Tails Ball, and we’ve enjoyed her company at potlucks. We are so lucky to have her with our team! 

Helena enjoys watching Mila and Riley Tigers play around! 

About Helena

  • Volunteer Position: Animal Care
  • Time at Carolina Tiger Rescue: “I joined CTR in April 2016, 5 months after I’d moved to the US from Poland for work, so that it has quickly become a very important place for me where I would spend lot of my free time and make friends. I love coming out here to work and visit and just be close to these fantastic animals, this is an experience that’s hard to beat.” 
  • Favorite Animal: “I used to have a soft spot for Christian, who has since passed away, but once I saw the girls: Riley and Mila – I immediately fell for both of them! I love watching them play and chase each other! They are also super friendly and welcome every visitor chuffling.”
  • Favorite Memory: “My favorite experience here is feeding – watching them “hunt” for every piece of food thrown down the food chute or sometimes, over the fence, and then devouring it in seconds, makes you realize that even thought they all look and more than often act cute they are after all predators and hunting is in their nature.”

Thank you, Helena!