Volunteer of the Month, March 2018

We have really enjoyed Koby’s enthusiasm during her animal care shifts. She is always excited to volunteer, and her positive attitude always shines. There is no activity she isn’t eager about — even butchering! Koby has recently worked hard to complete the necessary training to bring out guests and is on her way to Purple Tier. Thank you Koby! We appreciate your dedication to the animals and all of your hard work!


Koby smiles in front of Tasha Tiger

About Koby

  • Volunteer Position: Animal Care

  • Time at Carolina Tiger Rescue: Koby began volunteering in December 2016 and has contributed 150 hours of her time since then!

  • Favorite Animal: “I love all of the residents, but Tasha has a special place in my heart because she is always so happy to see me and she is such a love! She has such an amazing personality and she always makes me smile even when she’s a grump. Let’s just say, I would not want to be one of those buzzards when she is being fed.”

  • Favorite Memory: “I graduated with a degree in wildlife sciences and since I don’t get to be in the field for my career, I look forward to every shift that I sign up for because being around these amazing creatures makes my heart happy! I will say, I really enjoy feeding with the keepers whenever I get the opportunity, it makes you appreciate the fact that these animals are wild and extremely dangerous carnivores and deserve the respect that comes with that. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to volunteer out at Carolina Tiger and I look forward to spending many more years in the volunteer family!”