Two animals sedated for procedures at Carolina Tiger Rescue


Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and in the wild.


Two animals at Carolina Tiger Rescue were sedated for respective veterinarian procedures on Tuesday. 

Toby Bobcat was under anesthesia first because the 4-year-old cat hadn’t been eating well for weeks. 

Millhouse Serval’s procedure was somewhat unexpected, and house vet Dr. Angela Lassiter was on site to handle the job. Millhouse had an abscess on his jaw. 

Toby had been treated for an upset stomach for a couple of weeks, but he showed no improvement. Lassiter conducted Toby’s physical in the vet center, where both procedures were done. She did not find anything significant though a number of hands-on observations. Lassiter collected blood and urine for further testing. 

Dr. Angela Lassiter examines Toby Bobcat while he is sedated for the physical. 

Millhouse Serval did well during his procedure. 

The animal care team alerted Lassiter about Millhouse, who also hadn’t been eating consistently. But there was something that needed immediate assistance on Tuesday. The 21-year-old serval had swelling in his jaw that resulted from the abscess, which was likely very painful. 

Lassiter drained the area and had to also extract a tooth. Millhouse had a snaggletooth removed in April 2015.

Both cats did well under anesthesia and spent time recovering in separate rooms inside of the vet center on the night of the procedures; it was too cold to release them back into their outdoor enclosures. By Wednesday morning, they had moved back outdoors. 

The results on Toby should take about a week; Millhouse should feel better about eating now.

Toby, who started his life on a fur farm, came to Carolina Tiger Rescue last year as one of two bobcats from the Colorado rescue. Millhouse was born here, remaining from the organization’s former breeding program.