The problem with exploiting animals for entertainment

There is a huge problem with exploiting wild cats for entertainment purposes. Sure, the animals are often declawed or defanged, but that doesn’t make them safer to handle. Even with a declawed foot, a young tiger’s paw strike can be powerful enough to break bones. These are common alterations on animals in entertainment. The changes have long-lasting, and sometimes devastating, effects. In this video, our volunteer coordinator Maryssa thoughtfully explains why Carolina Tiger Rescue does not condone the use of these beautiful exotic cats for entertainment purposes and ways you can help ensure others don’t meet the same fate. We have several tigers who were exploited as cubs. The Carolina Tiger family is grateful animals like Saber and Shenandoah can live their lives with the space to run and be the wild cats they deserve the be!

The problem with exploiting wild cats for entertainment

Declawing or defanging a wild cat doesn't make it safe. These modifications are all too common among animals who are used for entertainment purposes. Our volunteer coordinator Maryssa thoughtfully explains the fate of animals who are exploited and ways you can help. Spread the word on behalf of these animals. Help your friends and family understand what dangers these animals face in the hands of the entertainment industry.#PredatorsNotPets #NotForProfit #SayNoToDefangin #SayNoToCubPetting #CarolinaTigerRescue

Posted by Carolina Tiger Rescue on Tuesday, September 12, 2017