Last Twilight 2018

We were overjoyed to see many familiar faces join us for an afternoon of friendship, delectable BBQ, educational moments and operant conditioning demos with the tigers! The weather was perfect and the turnout was fantastic. If you didn’t stop by for a s’more and a round of cornhole, you were certainly missed.

Lauren Humphries, our Lead Keeper, explained to the crowd of about 100 how Keepers work with our animals with rewards to make eveyone’s lives easier. For example, Katie works with Rajah Tiger to teach him to shift enclosures with hand signals and chunks of raw meat. Teaching this hand signal makes it quicker and less frustrating to get Rajah to shift through gates in enclosures so we can close off a portion and clean. Maryssa works with Moki and Mona Tigers to get them comfortable with injections and blood draws. These behaviors provide an elevated level of animal husbandry and increase the level of care the animals receive.

Watch Lauren demonstrate how Rajah can earn rewards for allowing his ears to be sprayed with anti-fly spray.


Maryssa trains with Moki Tiger.


The new pavillion made a great event space.


Thank you again for supporting the animals. They wouldn’t be thriving without you!