Education program upgrades with wrapped vehicle, colorful rescue wall

We told you changes were coming, and you can already see some of them! 

Our education program recently received a couple of noticeable upgrades. A generous supporter donated a vehicle that we morphed into our new education vehicle. Gary Nunn of NC Signs wrapped the vehicle with four of our beautiful animals and our logo. 

Katie Cannon, Carolina Tiger Rescue’s education director, installed an upgrade in the education center, the first stop for tour guests and many other visitors. There is now a brilliant map on the wall that represents the dozens of animals we’ve rescued through the years. Various species shapes sit within their rescue state, and the removable silhouette is stamped in the middle with a number to indicate how many of that species are from a specific state. For example, we have rescued 11 tigers from Texas. In the state of Texas on the map, a tiger shape is present with the number 11 outlined. 

The addition is so fun to look at! The kiwi wall, painted in one of our signature colors, really captures attention and offers a significant visual to our story. 

“The wall provides a rich visual of the animals we have been able to provide a forever home to since 1998,” Cannon said. “Talking about it is impactful, but a visual adds an entirely new level.”

Those aren’t the only visible changes, either. The ed center is now equipped with a case for the animals skulls we have on display and television monitors.

The vehicle remains parked on site when it’s not out. 

“The new education vehicle is an exciting addition to because it will allow us to reach new audiences,” Cannon added. “We will stand out in a crowd, and it will likely garner meaningful dialogue in the community. The vehicle will allow us to travel to new places and continue to expand our education program.

“Overall, the changes will allow us to enhance our program and to provide education at every turn. It’s an exiting time!” 

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