Curator Kathryn Bertok interviewed by The 919 Podcast

Kathryn Bertok, our assistant director and curator of animals, was featured on The 919 Podcast, a new show highlighting how individuals and organizations shape the Triangle and its surrounding areas. Kathryn has more than 18 years of experience right here at the rescue. On the latest episode of The 919, she talks about her introduction to Carolina Tiger Rescue, a typical day at the sanctuary and which animal is the most dangerous. Guess what: it’s not a tiger! Please listen to the 30-minute episode and learn how Carolina Tiger is shaping the area. While we educate the public on what wild cats face in captivity and in the wild, it’s the special experiences we offer that can resonate most with people. As Kathryn said in her interview, volunteers always tell her how Carolina Tiger has changed their lives. 

Kathryn Bertok, Carolina Tiger Rescue’s assistant director and curator of animals