Animals We Can’t House

Carolina Tiger Rescue is home to 8 species of cats and 2 species that are relatives of raccoons. We have tigers, lions, a leopard, cougars, servals, caracals, bobcats, an ocelot, a coatimundi, and kinkajous. These animals are native to different parts of the world, from arid to rainforest environments. While we specialize in cats, there are a few cat species we will not rescue, and that is for their benefit. North Carolina has a mild climate with all four seasons, but some cat species need a specialized climate that we just cannot offer. 

Lapis Snow Leopard-2004
Pena Snow Leopard-2003

While we were once home to a couple of snow leopards, as an organization, we will no longer rescue snow leopards. Snow leopards need a cold environment throughout the year and we simply cannot provide that for them. If we were to rescue them, we would need to essentially build them a large refrigerator to keep them cool enough to be comfortable. We luckily know of a few other sanctuaries in more appropriate climates who can and are willing to take these cold weather cats. Along with snow leopards, lynx are another species that would not adapt well to our warm climate. 
The comfort and care for of our animals is our top priority. We want to be sure that they are living the best life possible so at times that means saying no to particular species.