Sam Ocelot

Sam is a very stoic cat who prefers being left alone.  Sam gets very nervous and anxious with a lot of people around.  He does not enjoy enrichment or treats as much as the other ocelots in the sanctuary but that is what some people love about him, his independent nature.  If one is creative and patient enough with enrichment Sam may pay them a quick visit to check it out, but will often retreat quickly back up to his favorite branch. [/et_pb_sidebar] Born September 10, 2000 Life StoryPictures How Sam Came to the Sanctuary Sam born as part of Carolina Tiger Rescue’s former breeding program.  Carolina Tiger Rescue, formally Carnivore Preservation Trust, was originally founded to breed keystone species in hopes of one day releasing them into a safe environment but that day never came.  Our animals who were born here will remain here as their permanent home. Personality Sam is a very serious ocelot who does not like a lot of noise or excitement.  He prefers to spend his days up in his favorite tree, lounging, watching, and listening on the sidelines to what is going on in the sanctuary.  Sam does at times become very nervous with lots of commotion and will start to pace, which is why he is off tour.  Description Sam is a very muscular ocelot, who can often be found up on his favorite tree branch.  Sam’s has a few dark freckles on his darker pink nose, and it is outlined in black. Where in Sanctuary Sam is located on Elm Grove across the path from Trapper.  Sam prefers to be away from the action...
Julio Ocelot

Julio Ocelot

Julio Ocelot [/et_pb_sidebar] [breadcrumb] Julio is a typical cat; he does things on his own time and only when he feels like it. He is shy around large groups so he lives off the tour path. Julio enjoys napping the day away or hanging out in his favorite tree. Ocelots are great climbers and have big feet to help them traverse the branches. Julio is a handsome ocelot with dark markings that make him a favorite among staff and volunteers. Born April 18, 1997 Life StoryPictures How Julio Came to the Sanctuary Julio was captive born at the Oklahoma City Zoological Park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is on loan from Oklahoma.  He came to live at Carolina Tiger Rescue in 2003. Personality Julio has the perfect cat attitude. He does everything on his own time, and is not even easily enticed with food. Julio’s personality goes to show you, you cannot make a cat do anything it does not want to do. Julio does often come out of his den box when people come near his enclosure, to check them out, but he does not like large groups of people. Description Julio is known at Carolina Tiger Rescue as our small, dark ocelot. Julio has the darkest markings of all of our ocelots. His features are very striking.  Where in Sanctuary Julio is located in Elm Grove behind Electra Caracal. Julio is off the tour route due to his anxieties with large groups of people. Species Survival Plan In the late 1990's Carolina Tiger Rescue, formally Carnivore Preservation Trust, decided that we were no longer going to breed due to...

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Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and in the wild.

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  • We believe the ideal home for wildlife is in the wild.
  • We believe it is critical to conserve their native habitats.
  • We believe wild animals should not be kept as pets.
  • We believe captive breeding should ONLY be done in accordance with Species Survival plans.
  • We believe all wild animals, both captive and in their native habitats, deserve to be treated with respect and not exploited for entertainment and commercial purposes.

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Education is key to our mission.  We enjoy teaching "kids" of all ages!  Our field trips, both virtual and onsite, are ideal for groups of kids.  Our "Kid for a Day" Adult Camp provides a unique learning opportunity while allowing adults to channel their inner child.  While all of these opportunities are structured differently, in the end we want everyone to walk away knowing more about the animals we care for and what they can do to help protect them.

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