Baxter Kinkajou

Baxter Kinkajou

Baxter came to Carolina Tiger Rescue in June of 2018. He was a privately owned pet in Asheville, North Carolina. Baxter is Carolina Tiger Rescue’s smallest kinkajou weighing in at six pounds! Baxter is settling into his new home at the rescue without much fuss. He recently moved next door to Wednesday Kinkajou. He has enjoyed exploring his enclosure and is getting used to the sights and sounds of the other residents here. [/et_pb_sidebar] Born January 15, 2011 Rescued June 1, 2018 Life StoryPicturesVideos How Baxter Came to the Sanctuary Baxter came to Carolina Tiger Rescue in June of 2018. He was a privately owned pet surrendered by his owners when he became too much to handle. The couple lived in Asheville, North Carolina and had acquired Baxter when he was just 8 weeks old from a breeder. Once Baxter reached sexual maturity around 6 years old, he became extremely aggressive. His owners made the brave and best decision for him, to re-home him at Carolina Tiger Rescue. Personality Baxter is an energetic kinkajou who settles into new surroundings fairly seamlessly. He enjoys exploring his outdoor enclosure, running around on his platforms, and tearing up enrichment. Description Baxter is Carolina Tiger Rescue's smallest kinkajou, weighing 6 pounds. He has medium-brown fur and low-set ears that stick out. Where in Sanctuary Baxter lives off tour next to Wednesday Kinkajou in Elm Grove. In the winter, they live inside one of the kinkajou houses. It is better for the kinkajous to be indoors in the cooler months because they are unable to regulate their body temperature in cold weather. In the warmer months,...
Wednesday Kinkajou

Wednesday Kinkajou

Wednesday is our oldest animal.  She is a quiet kinkajou who enjoys her sleep.  She, however, has quite the feisty side and can be very dangerous if provoked.  Wednesday was unfortunately declawed by her former owner, in an attempt to make her “safer”, but Wednesday packs a lot of attitude into her small body and, when she continued to be too much to handle, she was surrendered by her owner to Carolina Tiger Rescue.  Wednesday enjoys her peaceful life at Carolina Tiger, where she is left alone unless it’s time for dinner. [/et_pb_sidebar] Born March 25, 1988 Rescued March 24, 1993 Life StoryPictures How Wednesday Came to the Sanctuary Wednesday was a private pet before coming to Carolina Tiger Rescue but was surrendered to Carolina Tiger after continually biting her owner. Wednesday was declawed by her owners and now has arthritis in her nubby fingers as a result. Personality Wednesday can be very deceptive in her nature. She usually puts on a cute face for visitors but do not let that adorable face deceive you; kinkajous are very aggressive creatures that are also known as “The Devil’s Honey Bear”. Wednesday has been known to try to attack keepers and volunteers who get close to her enclosure and are not paying attention. Description Wednesday was born in 1988 in an unknown location and became a private pet at a young age. Despite her age, she continues to be aggressive toward people and things she does not like. Her first warning comes as a hiss and growl then she will lash out with her hands. Typically at the end of kinkajou fingers are...
Lola Kinkajou

Lola Kinkajou

Lola is one of our four kinkajous, who unfortunately had a rough start in life. We do not know where she originally came from, but she ended up in a backyard in High Point, North Carolina and was trapped in a trashcan before Animal Control brought her to Carolina Tiger Rescue. Lola is a very nervous kinkajou who takes a lot of time to warm up to new situations. She prefers the quiet life away from the tour path but is always ready to defend her territory when people come by to visit. [/et_pb_sidebar] Born July 26, 2008 Rescued July 26, 2013 Life StoryPictures How Lola Came to the Sanctuary Lola was rescued from a woman’s backyard in High Point, North Carolina. Animal Control arrived to find her lethargic and shivering in the backyard and called Carolina Tiger Rescue to take her in. Lola was understandably very scared; it still takes her a long time to warm up to new experiences and people. Personality Lola is very nervous and aggressive around new people. She will often launch herself at the enclosure fence to scare new people away. The keepers are working with Lola’s aggression by doing operant conditioning with her. Operant conditioning helps Lola establish a routine and helps her realize that she will be rewarded when she does things she is asked to do, making it safer and easier to care for her. Description Lola is the most reserved of the four kinkajous and the most elusive. She will spend the majority of her day in her den box, only coming out at night and when it is quiet. Lola is off...
Albert Kinkajou

Albert Kinkajou

Albert was born at Carolina Tiger Rescue as part of the former breeding program.  Albert is one of two male kinkajous we have at Carolina Tiger Rescue.  He loves when the volunteers bring him a banana treat and is always willing to wake up for that.  Albert has become our kink of mischief.  He is very quick and aggressive for such a small animal and one to definitely keep an eye on. [/et_pb_sidebar] Born May 5, 1992 Life StoryPictures How Albert Came to the Sanctuary Albert was born at Carolina Tiger Rescue in May of 1992 as part of our former breeding program. Personality Albert is a very inquisitive kinkajou who enjoys enrichment, especially when it includes bananas. Albert is very curious and loves to check out what is going on, even during the day when he would normally be sleeping. Description Albert loves ripping open boxes to get his food and especially loves when people bring him bananas. Despite his small size, caring for Albert requires caution. He can be very aggressive and easily angered if he does not get what he wants. Albert loves to see what is going on, so keepers have to be quick to shift him in his den box by sneaking up on him, otherwise he is out and about, watching what the keepers are up to. Where in Sanctuary Albert lives off tour next door to Lola Kinkajou in Elm Grove. In the winter, they live inside one of the kinkajou houses. It is better for the kinkajous to be indoors in the cooler months because they are unable to regulate their body temperature in...

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