Shenandoah’s Story

Shenandoah came to Carolina Tiger Rescue with her enclosure-mate, Saber, and fourteen other animals from a facility in Colorado. This facility was closed down when the owner fell ill. Carolina Tiger Rescue worked with several other sanctuaries around the country to find homes for over 100 animals. At some point, likely early in Shenandoah’s life, she was declawed and de-fanged, which is a practice common in cub petting. In 2018, Carolina Tiger Rescue, with the help of Peter Emily International Veterinary Dentistry Foundation were able to perform root canals on Shenandoah’s canines, to prevent any infections or future pain. 

Shenandoah’s Passing

May 22, 2019

We have been treating Shenandoah for an issue with her back for some time. She was losing feeling in her back legs, most likely due to an impingement on her spine. We had her on medications to reduce the inflammation and to ensure she wasn’t in pain, but over the weekend she showed a dramatic shift in her ability to walk. We knew that there was no more that could be done to improve her situation and made the decision to let her go.

Shenandoah was a delightful tiger to get to know. Though she was certainly more reserved than her ostentatious enclosure mate, Saber, Shen certainly shined in her own fashion. Though not always the quickest to come up for visitors, Shen was rarely in a bad mood. She enjoyed a slower pace to things but knew when to find the perfect sunny space and always enjoyed a good romp in the grass. Just recently we added some sod to enclosure, knowing that she may pull it up. Sure enough, the first thing she did was grab a piece of the sod and bring it back to her den box. She was excited about her new toy! I know that I will miss her beautiful face and unhurried approach to life.

We will honor Shen’s life as we have all of the animals we have lost before her. We will work towards a day that all wild cats can live wild and free. Until that time, we strive to give those that call Carolina Tiger Rescue home a life of full bellies, warm den boxes, and a never ending supply of toys.

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Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and in the wild.

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