September 10, 2000

Born at
Carolina Tiger Rescue

Passed away
January 21, 2018

Sam’s Story

Sam was born here at Carolina Tiger Rescue when we were still a breeding facility for endangered and threatened small cats. From the very moment he came into this world, Sam was going to be his own ocelot. He did not seek out attention from his caretakers. He showed no interest in being part of a tour. He was most content to sit up in his tree and watch the world go by. In almost every picture we have of Sam, he is up in his tree. While he loved enrichment and eating (sometimes taking advantage of unsuspecting wildlife!), he in general preferred to be left alone. While that may not seem overly inviting, I always appreciated how much of a wild ocelot Sam really was. Most of our animals would never do well in the wild. For starters, they have become too accustomed to humans and would have to learn how to hunt. Sam, on the other hand, would probably have figured it out pretty quickly. Sam may not have been the most well-known ocelot at Carolina Tiger Rescue but he stole the hearts of those who did know him.

Sam’s Passing

January 21, 2018

Sam’s last blood work left us concerned about his kidneys. The elevated levels indicated that he was going into kidney failure. Kidney failure is a tricky disease for our wild cats. The ideal way to treat kidney failure is through administering fluids regularly. Anyone who knew Sam at all knew that was something he just was not going to put up with. We knew that by the time he was subdued enough for us to be able to give him fluids, he would be in bad shape. That unfortunately came true this weekend. Rather than stress him out beyond belief giving him fluids, we made the decision to let him go.