Millhouse’s Story

Millhouse was born at Hexagon Farm in Buena Vista, California in 1996. He came to live at Carolina Tiger Rescue in 1997 on loan from Opryland as part of our former breeding program. Millhouse was known by many as kind of a cranky old man. He was quick to give a hiss when you came to visit, but bringing a favorite treat might help you become friends. Of course he kept you on your toes about what that favorite treat might be! He always found the best sunny spots to nap in, particularly on those cold but sunny days. Even though his personality may not have always been the warmest, he did hold a special place in many hearts.

Millhouse’s Passing

December 28, 2017

This week we had to say goodbye to one of our oldest residents, Millhouse Serval. Millhouse turned 21 this year and, though we were incredibly impressed with how well he was doing, we knew that we needed to keep a close eye on his health. A few weeks ago, he began to leave food behind. We were concerned about kidney failure but also noticed a sudden swelling on his jaw. We knew we had to anesthetize him for a possible tooth abscess. Sure enough, there was a tooth that had to be removed. Remarkably, he did really well through the whole procedure. Unfortunately his blood work showed end stage kidney failure. We knew the time to let him go would be soon. This week, he showed signs of distress. We decided that euthanasia was the only compassionate decision to make. Being one of the oldest animals here, many of us have known him our entire time at Carolina Tiger. He will be remembered as an old friend.