Kaela’s Story

Kaela and her brother, Rajah, were rescued from the side of the road outside of Charlotte, North Carolina in January of 2005, when they were about 6 months old. An off-duty officer came upon them and called 911. Animal Control responded but Rajah and Kaela were on opposite sides of the road, putting them in two different counties, which meant two different Animal Control offices had to respond and pick them up. The North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro held them in quarantine until their enclosure here at Carolina Tiger Rescue could be built for them. No one is sure how the cubs got there or if they are actually brother and sister. We guess that they are related, due to their similar color and stripe pattern and the fact that they were the same age when they were found.

Kaela’s Passing

September 6, 2017

Tuesday night was a heartbreaking one for Carolina Tiger Rescue. After months of exams, blood work, medications, love, and attention, we made the incredibly difficult decision to euthanize Kaela Tiger. Over the last year and a half, we have put incredible effort into trying to figure out what was causing Kaela’s medical issues. At different times, her skin and energy level would improve, only to be followed by a relapse. This week, her relapse included not eating and not wanting to get up. On Friday, we got more blood work and gave her a lot of fluids and steroids. For a couple of days, she seemed to improve. Unfortunately, the improvement was short-lived.

Kaela and Rajah have always been a hallmark of change for Carolina Tiger. They were the first new animals after many years of not accepting rescues. They were the sign of things to come. They brought renewed energy and purpose to Carolina Tiger and all of our supporters.

Over the past years, we have gotten to know Kaela very well. Her take-charge personality kept Rajah in line and made for great enrichment experiences. Her spunk and infectious joy for life made her easy to love.

While we won’t see Kaela in the sanctuary, her impact will live on through our continued dedication to helping wild animals in need.

Thank you for your dedication to Kaela and all of the animals in our care — and to those destined to call Carolina Tiger Rescue home.

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