Aria was near death when she was rescued by Carolina Tiger in 2013. She was privately owned by a family in South Carolina and kept as a pet. Her owners were unable to find a veterinarian who was willing to take care of her when she began to show signs of illness. Today, Aria is thriving at Carolina Tiger Rescue. She is a tour group favorite due to her social nature. She will often come up and “chuffle” at visitors and lay down by the fence to better hear the group tell her how gorgeous she is. Aria is known to be a bit of a princess. She does not like to get her feet wet and requires some patience when it comes to feeding time. She likes to take her time when eating, unlike most of our other residents.

Born May 25th, 2003

Rescued May 22nd, 2013

How Aria Came to the Sanctuary

Aria was privately owned by a family in South Carolina who kept her in their backyard. When she was about 10 years old she became very ill and although she was eating, she began to lose weight very rapidly. The neighbors who lived next to Aria and her family became very concerned and notified the police. When the police arrived and talked with the family, they realized Aria was in desperate need of help. The family informed the police that there was not a vet in the state of South Carolina willing to look at her. The police then notified Carolina Tiger Rescue and we went down and picked her up. Though at first the family was unwilling to sign her over to us, we brought Aria back to North Carolina for a full veterinary checkup and discovered that she has a pancreatic deficiency.  Without intervention, Aria would not have survived; she had gotten down to under 200 pounds, about half of what she should have weighed. After a couple of months, Aria’s family came to visit her and, seeing how happy and healthy she had become and the large enclosure she had to live in, they signed her over to Carolina Tiger Rescue for good. Aria now receives beef pancreas with her meal and this allows her own pancreas to absorb the much-needed nutrients from her food.


Aria is a very social tiger who loves to play hide-and-seek with tour groups.  She can be a bit of a diva, however, and often makes the group work for her attention.  Groups will often have to pretend they are not there to see her before she will come down.  When she does grace tour groups with her presence, she loves to “chuff” at her visitors.  If it is a rainy day Aria will rarely make an appearance, as she does not like to get her feet wet!


Aria has a light orange coat and is very fluffy.  She has large amounts of fur around her face, which we call “floof”.  She is a gorgeous tiger with a fantastic personality and, having come back from near death with such a playful attitude, Aria is a favorite here at Carolina Tiger Rescue.

Where in Sanctuary

Aria is located in Pine Forest, next to Miami Serval and across from Mona and Moki Tigers.

Pet Trade

In the United States there are more tigers in people's backyards than there are left in the wild.  Wild animals, such as Aria, who end up in the pet trade often have a very difficult life.  With a lack of legislation, it is easy for people to obtain wild animals as pets.  Tigers in the wild have territories that are miles wide, in backyards they are confined to a few thousand square feet at best. Wild animals kept as pets are often unable to get the medical care they need, as there are very few veterinarians who are willing and able to adequately treat them.  Aria is one of the lucky ones, finding her forever home at Carolina Tiger Rescue before it was too late.

Panthera tigris