Julio’s Story

Julio was an incredible ocelot. Not only did he embody the true ocelot spirit (you know, grumbling if you came by to visit), he was also a stunning-looking cat. His dark features made him instantly recognizable by everyone. That ocelot spirit was apparent in how hard Julio made you work for his attention. For example, if you brought him a tasty treat, he might not accept it from your treat stick, but as soon as you turn to leave, that yummy treat was gone! His grumbles and striking features will be greatly missed in the sanctuary.

Julio’s Passing

May 10, 2017

Unfortunately, we have sad news to share today. Whether it was last month when we said goodbye to grumbly Trapper Ocelot or now, when we say goodbye to the beautiful Julio Ocelot, writing these memorials and saying goodbye never gets easier.

In 2015, we anesthetized Julio for a physical exam. Blood work from that exam showed that he also had lymphocytic leukemia. Given his great dislike for being handled, chemotherapy was not an option. We did, however, start him on prednisone to help alleviate the inflammation associated with the cancer and to help slow the progression of the disease.

Recently, we anesthetized Julio due to a broken canine and his blood work showed progression of the disease. As always, we waited, watched, and monitored him for quality of life. This weekend, Julio began showing signs associated with anemia. Given the known disease, the decision was made to euthanize.

Julio lived to be 20 years old. We hope that all of our animals make it to 20 and beyond.

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