Winter is fast approaching! As the cats start to grow their long winter coats, the staff at Carolina Tiger Rescue also preps for the winter. We absolutely can’t do this without your help. Could you look through our wishlist and select a few items to gift our animals? Some of the items are more obvious than others, but all of these items are necessary for keeping the animals in top shape through icy blasts and possible power outages. All Amazon wishlist items get delivered directly to our door, which makes giving easy. Be sure to include you name so we can send you an end-of-year tax receipt.

Out in the Sanctuary

Winter in the sanctuary can get a little tough. Our roads are dirt and gravel and have uneven terrain. When you add in NC winter weather- sudden ice storms, muddy clay paths and lack of electricity in parts of the 67 acre, heavily-wooded forest, everything gets tougher.  Below you will find items that make working in the conditions just a bit more bearable. Safety and preparedness is key, in order to consistently provide superior animal care. 

These bins are used for hauling straw. It takes FOUR bins of straw to fill a big cat den box.

Animal care is crucial, and inclement weather and power outages don’t stop us. We use these in headlamps.

We can never have enough gloves! We use them for exams, for feeding raw meat to animals, and for handling medications.

Fruits, eggs and tuna are on the menu for some of our animals and gift cards help make it happen.

Animal care is crucial, and Inclement weather and power outages don’t stop us. We use these in flashlights

Heated water dishes ensure 24/7 water sources, regardless of weather.

Lowes Gift Cards are a great way to fill in the missing pieces for enrichment and daily care of the animals. 

These screw eyes are for hanging enrichment and toys in indoor housing.

Flashlights are imperative for late-night work, inspecting den boxes and for emergencies.

Power is important, when heating den boxes and water dishes, and splitters make the most of what we have.

These rope clamps are what we use on shift gates. Renovation happens every day, and we need more clamps.

Building enclosures, platforms and denboxes for new animals requires a little help from this tool. Measure twice, cut once!

An air compressor and battery jumper in one, this portable power source gets the job done in the areas of the sanctuary without power.

There are lots of jobs to be done in tight places, like fixing den boxes or building new enclosures on our 67 acres. Battery-powered tools make quick work of these tasks.

In case of emergency, this hose allows us to draft water from the pond for animal care.

These wheeled storage bins are perfect for hauling heavy straw and raw animal food.

All of the work in the Sanctuary is completed using vehicles that have been donated to us.  They haul, tow, and move food, people, mulch, cement, and so much more!  We are always looking for donated trucks and large vehicles (SUVs).  They do not need to be road worthy and we are happy to work with “quirky” vehicles.  If you have a vehicle that you would like to donate, please get in touch with our site team.  

We know that some of these items are not as exciting as others, but they all help us take care of the animals during the long winter months.  The staff and volunteers work diligently to keep everyone safe and warm throughout the winter and we simply couldn’t do it without your support.  

With great thanks from the volunteers, Reina, Santana, Roscoe, Camilla, and the staff of Carolina Tiger Rescue. 

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