Jericho’s Story

Jericho came to Carolina Tiger Rescue with Nakobi Cougar, Roscoe and Camilla Tiger, and Roman and Reina Lion from Rescue One in Ohio.  Rescue One decided to close its doors because they could not keep up with the changing laws regarding wild animal ownership in Ohio.  They were also in financial trouble and could no longer afford to keep the animals.  It is not known where Jericho was before going to Rescue One.

Jericho’s Passing

August 20, 2018

After monitoring Jericho Cougar’s condition over the weekend, we made the decision to euthanize him late last night. His body had just been through enough, and we were no longer able to control his pain.

Jericho was certainly loved by many. His stately demeanor was a settling presence for everyone who was fortunate enough to meet him. He has always been very much an old soul. He’s not silly like Nakobi or even reserved like Star. It’s easy for the more rambunctious animals to get a lot of attention, but Jericho never needed to perform silly antics (I’m looking at you, Nakobi!).

I truly feel people were drawn to his quiet, meditative nature. He just seemed to appreciate people spending time with him and would often reward you with a purr. I honestly can’t remember a time that he didn’t purr when I went out to visit. It was a sound that reverberated through your soul and could calm the most frantic day.

Though maybe not as well known by the public, Jericho’s loss will be felt throughout the Carolina Tiger family. Many people who were here to visit another animal would also stop by to say hello to Jericho. It was like paying respect to a respected elder. The sanctuary will certainly not be the same without him.

And though we try not to have favorites in the sanctuary, because each and every animal deserves our unconditional love and respect, I know I speak for many to say that this loss will be felt for a long time. For whatever reason, certain animals seem to land more heavily in your heart. They are your once-in-a-lifetime animal.

I have cared for hundreds of animals in my time at Carolina Tiger Rescue, and I can easily say that Jericho will be a once-in-a-lifetime animal for me. As with any loss, it serves as a reminder to slow down and take stock. You never know how many more days, weeks, or years you may have with a loved one.

Make them count.

With a heavy heart,
Kathryn Bertok
Assistant Director