The Truth Behind White Tigers

Fast Facts About White Tigers

  • White tigers are not a separate subspecies of tigers
  • White tigers only occur in the Bengal subspecies of tigers
  • The odds of white tigers being born in the wild is 1 in 15,000 births
  • The gene that produces white tigers is a recessive gene, both parents must have the gene for the cubs to have potentially be white
  • All white tigers in captivity are inbred, decedent from a single white tiger that was captured from the wild in the 1950’s

Saber was bred for a magician in Las Vegas. His teeth were filed down and he was declawed to make him “safer” to handle.

Saber was born with crossed eyes. Due to the inbreeding white tigers can be born with a multitude of birth defects including being blind or deaf.

Long Lasting Effects of White Tigers

  • When a facility is breeding for white tigers only 1 in every 30 is a “show quality” tiger, leaving the other 29 unwanted.
  • Unwanted cubs are often sold for the pets or parts trade, into roadside zoos, or otherwise discarded.
  • White tigers continue to be bred because they are big money makers

Take Action

It is important to understand the truth and consequences about white tigers and how to help!
  • Avoid places that breed white tigers. Facilities who offer this, do it for the money, if they are no longer making money, they will end the practice.
  • Educate others on the truth behind white. Many times people simply do not know the facts about white tigers.
  • Visit accredited facilities that are committed to conservation or rescuing wild animals an that do not exploit animals.