Kid Friendly Resources

Weekly Schedule

(Subject to Change)

Fri, March 27th – 9:30
Facebook Live!
Meet Off Tour Animals

Mon, March 30th – 9:30 am
Facebook Live!
Enrichment with Madonna

Tues, March 31st – 9:30 am
Facebook Live!
Tiger Tales with Savannah
and Friends

Wed, April 1st – 9:30 am
Facebook Live!
Operant Conditions with the Mo Girls

Thurs, April 2nd – 9:30
Facebook Live!
Meet Beau Cougar

Fri, April 3rd – 9:30
Facebook Live!
Feeding with the Tigers

We know that everyone is staying safe at home right now and are looking for fun things to do.  Over the coming days and weeks, we will be ramping up our online content, including our Facebook Live broadcasts.  You can find those on our our Facebook Page

You can also find a link to those videos below.  During many of our broadcast we offer a way to be entered to win a prize.  Below each video you will find the activity and when to send them in to be considered for the drawing. 

Please be patient with us as we are working with a much smaller staff right now and may have a delay in getting back to you.  Stay safe and keep on learning! 

Friday, March 27th

Meeting Some Off Tour Animals

Oh my, who do we have here?  Today we get to meet two off tour animals – Ranger Bobcat and Magoo Ocelot!  Learn about their species and their individual stories. After the video you will find an activity for each of the animals.  Send them in and you will be in our Monday, March 30th drawing.  

Thursday, March 26th
Feeding with Roman & Reina Lion, Anthony Leopard, and the Serval Boys

We got to hang out with one of our keepers, Larissa, to feed the lions, Anthony Leopard, and our new serval boys. Katie talked about the different teeth and how the cats use them.  Complete the “My What Big Teeth You Have” project and sent it in to be entered in for a Carolina Tiger Rescue prize.  The drawing will be held on Monday, March 30th.  

Wednesday, March 25th

Meet Saber Tiger and Learn about White Tiger

Meet our white tiger, Saber.  Our Education Director will talk about white tigers and where they come from.  You can then create your own tiger, with their unique stripes, likes, dislikes, and story.  Submit your story by Monday, March 30th to be entered into a drawing for a special Carolina Tiger Rescue prize!

Tuesday, March 24th

Reading a Book with Rajah Tiger

Today we read a book with Rajah Tiger and met Roman and Reina Lion.  You can get in on the fun for our Tiger Tales and decorate a cat mask of your own!  Send us a picture wearing your cat mask to be entered to win a fun Carolina Tiger Rescue prize!  Drawing will be held on March 27th. 

Monday, March 23rd

Pawcasso Painting with Rajah

Today we painted a Pawcasso with Rajah Tiger.  Learn why we do paintings with the animals and other interesting facts. Below you will find an activity where you can draw/color/paint your favorite animal.  Send your picture into us and you will be entered to win a Pawcasso!  The drawing will be held on Friday, March 27th.  

Tuesday, March 17th

Enrichment with Mila and Riley Tiger

Enrichment is a fun way for animals to exercise their bodies and their minds!  Meet Mila and Riley Tiger and watch them enjoy some amazing enrichment.  Katie, our Education Director also answers questions from viewers.  

During many of our live broadcast, there is a chance to win a prize from Carolina Tiger Rescue.  Tune in for details about the activity and when to submit them.  You can use the email below to send in your submission.  

Looking for even more fun ideas?  Visit the Carolina Tiger Rescue Kid’s website!