Book List

Little Lion - Barron's Educational Series

Learn about the life of lion cubs in this naturalistic board book.

Little Tiger - Barron's Educational Series

This board book features the story of Little Tiger.

10 Things I Can Do to Help My World by: Melanie Walsch

This book outlines 10 simple things everyone can do to help protect and save our planet.

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by: Peter Brown

Do tigers belong in top hats and in the city? Of course not! Discover what happens when Mr. Tiger decides it’s time to go wild!

The Earth Book by: Todd Parr

How can you help the Earth? Plant a tree, reduce water, recycle. This book shows how even the smallest things can help protect our planet.

Actual Size by: Steve Jenkins

Want to see how you compare to some of our planet’s biggest and smallest animals? Here’s the safest and most fun way to see how you size up!

Compost Stew by: Mary McKenna Siddals

Compost Stew gives the basics from A to Z on how to start your own composting pile!

Animal Helpers Sanctuaries by Jennifer Keats Curtis

Animal Helpers Sanctuaries tells the stories of wild animals that need rescuing and even features Carolina Tiger Rescue!

Charlie and Lola - We are Extremely Very Good Recyclers by: Lauren Child

Charlie and Lola discover recycling is an easy way to make a difference and ask all their classmates to join in to help the planet.

Almost Gone - The World's Rarest Animals by: Steve Jenkins

Ever heard of the Iriomote cat or Abingdon Island tortoise? This book takes a look at some of the rarest, most endangered species on earth.

The Wolves Are Back by: Jean Craighead George

After decades of very few wolves in the United States, they are back, thriving, and changing our landscape for the better!

Can We Share The World With Tigers? by: Robert E. Wells

This is a great kids’ view on how humans can change the world for better or worse.

Animal Habitats by: Julie Lundgren

Introduces characteristics of animal habitats including deserts, oceans, and tropical rainforests.

Chewbaaka by: Dr. Laurie Marker

A beautifully illustrated book about the life and legacy of Cheetah Conservation Fund’s most famous cheetah ambassador.

Wild Cats - National Geographic For Kids

Wild Cats gives a great overview of wild cats of all shapes and sizes!

The Lorax by: Dr. Seuss

Sometimes it takes just one person to make a difference.

Big Cat, Little Kitty by: Scotti Cohn

Big cats and little cats are similar in many ways. Big Cat, Little Kitty also compares and contrasts just how different they are as well.

Mission Tiger Rescue - National Geographic for Kids

All about tigers and how to save them.

P is for Pangolin by: Anastasia Kierst

An alphabet book featuring some of the rarest animals in the world.

Can We Save the Tiger? by: Martin Jenkins

Learn how saving one species means saving thousands more.

What If There Were No Gray Wolves? by Suzanne Slade

Get a glimpse of a world without gray wolves through Suzanne Slade’s colorful book, which includes a well-illustrated food chain.

Wolf Island by: Celia Godkin

Wolf Island is a great book demonstrating how resilient animal populations can be when given the chance.

Eyewitness - Cats by: Juliet Clutton - Brock

Eyewitness-Cats gives you the fun, strange, and fascinating facts about felines.

The Great Kapok Tree by: Lynne Cherry

The Great Kapok Tree is a great way to introduce kids to how important even just a single tree can be to an entire forest.

Everything Big Cats - National Geographic

This book has everything you ever wanted to know and more about big cats!

Felina's New Home by: Loran Wlodarski

The home of Felina, a Florida panther, continues to shrink, putting her and all the other animals in the forest in danger.

Blood Of The Tiger by: J.A. Mills

A story of conspiracy, greed, and the battle to save a magnificent species.

When Mountain Lions Are Neighbors by: Beth Pratt Bergstrom

The largest cat in North America roams the hills of California. Follow one lonely cougar and see how he survives the ever-changing landscape.

Tigers Forever by: Steve Winters

Photographer Steve Winter is on a mission to address the issues wild tigers face and help save the iconic species.

Tiger Rescue - Changing The Future Of Endangered Wildlife by: Dan Bortolotti

How do we save and learn to live with one of the most dangerous, iconic, and beautiful predators in the world?