Tessa Stripes is our newest animal keeper here at Carolina Tiger Rescue. She studied wildlife biology at Virginia Tech. Before coming to Carolina Tiger Rescue, she interned at Wildlife Safari. Her favorite animals to work with are tigers! She enjoys giving the animals at Carolina Tiger Rescue a safe and appropriate home for them. It’s a hard and dirty job, but she loves it! Her favorite time of year at the rescue is the fall, when all the animals get pumpkins for enrichment!

Keeper Tessa’s Blog 1/23/20

I’m coming to you with a recent update about Mick, Bowie, and Dylan, our newest male servals!

Since leaving quarantine, Mick, Bowie, and Dylan have lived in an off tour enclosure but within view of the tour path. Our tour guides and staff noticed them checking out our field trips and public tours as they passed by. They were not startled or stressed out by the groups. They even seemed curious about them, sometimes hanging out in the section of their enclosure closest to the tour to check things out. As a result, we decided to give them a chance on tour and see how they managed.

Guides were told they could stop and tell guests about Mick, Bowie, and Dylan, but to leave if they ever seemed bothered by the presence of the tour group. The animals’ comfort is far more important than the visitors’ desire to see them, so if they said no thank you to being on tour, then that would be perfectly fine with us! As tours began to stop on the path in front of their enclosure, the servals were interested in them and didn’t mind the visits. After observing their behavior, the other keepers and I decided that the three of them would stay on tour! They continue to enjoy the enrichment the occasional tour groups provide like the new scents and sounds. Their new life in the sanctuary is a far cry from their previous life. Check out my previous blog post to read more about Mick, Bowie, and Dylan Serval’s background. They are thriving in their new home, their forever home, here at Carolina Tiger Rescue.