Dr. Chloe Wilde is our wildlife biologist. She studied ecology at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Her favorite topic of study is conservation. Dr. Wilde is passionate about learning about and teaching others about how they can help wild cat populations, including reducing their use of products with palm oil in them. Though Carolina Tiger Rescue does not have any, Dr. Wilde’s favorite animal to study is the clouded leopard.

Dr. Hunter’s Blog 3/17/21

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you wore your green like Yanaba Tiger! It was only a touch of green, but that still counts, right??

Tasha and Madonna Tiger received St. Patrick’s Day enrichment. Enrichment is anything that changes up an animal’s day and keeps them physically and mentally active. Tasha and Madonna enjoyed boxes with fun scents sprayed on them and raw meat hidden inside. They had to use their noses and minds to track down the meat and get it out of the box, of course being rewarded with the treat once they were successful. Hope you also get to enjoy some treats today! Check out the recipes on our Activities page if you need some inspiration! Don’t forget to get an adult’s help with any recipes.

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