Dr. Chloe Wilde is our wildlife biologist. She studied ecology at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Her favorite topic of study is conservation. Dr. Wilde is passionate about learning about and teaching others about how they can help wild cat populations, including reducing their use of products with palm oil in them. Though Carolina Tiger Rescue does not have any, Dr. Wilde’s favorite animal to study is the clouded leopard.

Dr. Chloe Wilde Blog Post 11/15/2022

It’s pumpkin season and the animals at the sanctuary are enjoying their annual pumpkin enrichment! Every year after Halloween, Carolina Tiger Rescue accepts donated pumpkins that have not yet been marked or carved to give out to the residents as enrichment. Enrichment is an important part of daily life at the sanctuary and helps to keep the animals both mentally and physically stimulated. Pumpkins are a novel enrichment item that the animals do not get year around and they are always excited to see them this time of year!

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Some of our residents will carry the pumpkins around their enclosures, while others will roll them around like a ball. The keepers will hide meat treats inside the pumpkins as an extra challenge for some of our residents and even spray smelly scents on the pumpkins for the animals to enjoy.

While many of our residents are exclusively meat eaters, or obligate carnivores, a few residents are omnivores and herbivores, and they actually enjoy eating the pumpkins! Pumpkins and other squash are great diet items for our African crested porcupine Fabio and our kinkajous and coatimundis even enjoy eating some pumpkin occasionally. We are so grateful for all the pumpkins donated this year and love seeing the residents of Carolina Tiger Rescue enjoy them in so many ways!

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