Dr. Chloe Wilde is our wildlife biologist. She studied ecology at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Her favorite topic of study is conservation. Dr. Wilde is passionate about learning about and teaching others about how they can help wild cat populations, including reducing their use of products with palm oil in them. Though Carolina Tiger Rescue does not have any, Dr. Wilde’s favorite animal to study is the clouded leopard.

Dr. Chloe Wilde Blog Post 1/9/2023

With 2022 coming to an end, I would like to take some time to reflect back on some of the memories, rescues and the year we have had here at Carolina Tiger Rescue.

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In March, a young bobcat named Molly was voluntarily surrendered by her owners who knew that Carolina Tiger Rescue would be a better permanent home for her. In May, Haiku serval was surrendered to the sanctuary after being kept as a private pet in Tennessee and becoming too much for his family to handle. In September, four bobcats, JJ, Cairo, Rio and Monaco were surrendered by a private owner in Texas and came to their forever home at Carolina Tiger Rescue. Lastly, in November, we welcomed a young serval named Pharoah and a young caracal named Nelly who were both owned as pets in Tennessee and needed to find a new home when their owners moved to a state that it was no longer legal to keep them.

We not only took in several rescues this year, but even welcomed a couple new species! In October, we welcomed Garcia, a raccoon, and Catana a New Guinea singing dog. These two individuals came to Carolina Tiger Rescue from the Tri-State Zoological Park in Maryland. After years of violations for improper veterinary care and failure to provide properly for the animals in their care, the animals were finally placed in permanent homes at accredited sanctuaries.

Earth Day Logo
Earth Day Logo

In addition to rescues, we received so much love and support from our amazing volunteers, adoptive parents and visitors this year. During our giving Tuesday campaign, we raised funds to build a big cat enclosure that will aid in rescuing and providing homes to more wild cats in need. We welcomed new volunteers, work groups, summer campers and classrooms to the sanctuary to share our mission and support the animals that call Carolina Tiger Rescue home. Our mission would not be possible without the incredible support we receive from all of our supporters, thank you!

That’s a wrap on 2022! I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings!