Daisy Coatimundi

Daisy Coatimundi was rescued when she was around one year old. As with most one year olds, she is extremely inquisitive and active. She loves climbing, exploring her new home, and rooting around in the dirt for worms and bugs. Daisy is a South American Coatimundi.

Born April 30, 2019

Rescued May 18, 2020

How Daisy Came to the Sanctuary

One-year-old Daisy was relinquished to Carolina Tiger Rescue by a private owner who never intended to keep her as a pet. She was rescued in May of 2020.


Daisy is full of personality. She enjoys exploring and does not seem to be afraid of anything. She loves to root around in the dirt and hang out high up on her platforms. She is very inquisitive and must know what everyone is doing at all times.


Daisy is a South American Coatimundi, so her coloring is much lighter than the White-Nosed Coatimundi species. Her fur is a khaki tan color with darker fur mixed in. Her tail has very distinct rings along it.

Where in Sanctuary

Daisy is currently living in Elm Grove which is off tour. While she is very social, the hustle and bustle of the tour path is a bit much for her at this time.

Pet Trade

Coatimundis like Daisy are popular in the pet trade. These animals generally are very laid-back and docile which leads people to believe they are good pets. Coatimundis, however, are wild animals that should be and deserve to be in the wild. Coatimundis often suffer in homes and can often develop OCD behaviors. These animals are very intelligent and very active. They spend the majority of their day foraging for food which keeps their minds and bodies in shape. They are often not given this opportunity when they are kept as pets. Carolina Tiger Rescue is a firm believer that no wild animal should be a pet.

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