Yanaba is a tiger with an aggressive personality who prefers to be on her own. She was rescued along with three other tigers in April of 2018. Yanaba is food-motivated and enjoys hanging out on top of her den box to survey her surroundings.

Born April 6, 2007
Rescued April 6, 2018

How Yanaba Came to the Sanctuary

Yanaba was rescued along with 3 other tigers, Kaari, Shira, and Tio, from a facility in the southwestern part of the United States. Due to limited details and the ongoing situation, not much else is known about where the 4 tigers came from. 


Yanaba is a tiger who is very set in her ways. She prefers to live alone and to not be bothered by anyone or anything unless they have food for her. When Yanaba first came to Carolina Tiger Rescue she was living with Shira Tiger, but since she is unable to get along with her anymore, the two have been separated. Yanaba, being the tiger she is, prefers to live the solitary life. 


Yanaba barely has any ruff around her face. Her whiskers on the left side of her face are crimped. She also has perfectly round ears with out any nicks or notches. Yanaba has a sleek coat dark coat. 

Where in Sanctuary

Yanaba Tiger lives on Pine Forest. She lives next to Fenimore and Emerson Tigers and away from the tour path, just the way she likes it.

Rescues with Little Information

The 4 tigers, Shira, Yanaba, Kaari, and Tio, who came from the southwestern part of the United States came from a sensitive situation and not many details were provided. In some situations we have lots of information and can plan ahead of time, while others pop up quickly and require discretion. The important thing is, these animals now are in their forever home and have nothing to worry about, except when the food truck is coming.

Panthera tigris