Talon Bobcat

Talon is a gorgeous bobcat with a mostly brown coat.  He is inquisitive and personable and enjoys attention from staff members. As with many of our residents, he is extremely food motivated.

Born December 11, 2007
Rescued December 11, 2016

How Talon Came to the Sanctuary

Talon came to Carolina Tiger Rescue as part of our largest rescue to date. He was rescued from a facility in Colorado that was home to 110 animals on about 4 acres of land. Talon along with 15 other animals were brought to Carolina Tiger Rescue in the fall of 2016. Prior to being at the facility in Colorado, Talon was living in a family home as a "pet". When his owner died, the wife could not take Talon with her when she moved, so she sent him to live at the facility in Colorado.


Talon is an inquisitive bobcat who is always interested in the staff members who come to visit him.  He is always eager for food and for enrichment and is eager for attention from staff members.  He is food motivated and is quick to figure out his puzzle feeders.


Talon is a beautiful bobcat with much more of a brown coloring than Toby.  He is a slim but tall bobcat whose spots are extremely visible.  Talon is a little different from other bobcats in that instead of having a pink or pinkish nose, his nose is all black.

Where in Sanctuary

Talon lives on tour path, in the portion of the sanctuary called Pear Orchard. He lives next to Electra Caracal. 

Pet Trade

Talon began his life as the pet of private owners. He was allowed to stay a pet until the owner moved to an area that did not allow exotics as pets.  Carolina Tiger Rescue is a firm believer that wild cats should not be pets, they often suffer unintentionally from being forced to live in a house.  Rarely are wild cats given the space they need or the proper diet and there are few vets willing to treat them.  At some point before coming to Carolina Tiger Rescue, Talon was declawed on his front paws, this is often done when wild cats are kept as pets because people believe it makes them "safer".  Declawing is detrimental to the cats health, often causing arthritis. Carolina Tiger Rescue asks that you not support, either directly or indirectly those who are breeding wild cats for private ownership, or those who believe wild cats belong in private ownership.

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