Star Cougar is our only female cougar and is the smallest of our cougars.  She is considered small for her sex also, but that makes her no less dangerous.  Star is known for her loud “screeching” when she is in heat that can be heard all around the sanctuary.  When Star is not patrolling her territory, she can often be found sitting up on top of her highest platform.  Cougars in the wild will often hang out on high cliffs or in sturdy trees to keep an eye out for prey wandering by.

Born May 1, 1997

Rescued January 25, 2012

How Star Came to the Sanctuary

Star came to Carolina Tiger Rescue in January of 2012 from the Collins Zoo in Mississippi. The Collins Zoo was a roadside zoo that was closed down due to the neglect of the animals and the risk that the animals posed to the public. Carolina Tiger Rescue rescued Star along with two black leopards, Smokey and Shadow. Smokey and Shadow have since passed away.


Star tends to be the most vocal of the cougars at Carolina Tiger Rescue. Once a month, Star goes into heat and it then becomes clear why one of the 70 different names for cougars is “Mountain Screamer.” Star is very selective in who she will visit on tours. Star loves to hang out high on her tallest platform and keep an eye on her neighbors or sleep the day away up there.



Star has the typical cougar personality in that she will do whatever she pleases. At times, she will come up and visit a tour, but the majority of the time she will hide in the back of her enclosure. Don’t be fooled, though; she is always aware of her surroundings and has been known to sneak up and stalk unsuspecting guests without being noticed.

Where in Sanctuary

Star is located on tour on Cherry Lane across the path from Beau Cougar. She is currently on tour.

Roadside Zoos

Star Cougar came from a roadside zoo. Roadside zoos are zoos that pop up on the side of the road to draw in tourists. Most of these places lack proper facilities to adequately take care of their animals. They often breed to bring money in because the public finds it hard to resist baby animals. They rarely provide the animals with proper enclosures with enough space for the animals to live a good life. Star's enclosure was barren when she was rescued. The facility that Star came from was closed down due to unsafe conditions for humans and animals. Please check out places before you visit them. Ask questions. Find out what their mission is and why they exist. Find out what their primary goal is.

Puma concolor

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