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COVID-19 Update

Valentine's Day is upon us. See how you can show some love for Carolina Tiger Rescue and our amazing animals!
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Animals We Can’t House

Many places call themselves sanctuaries, but few actually are. Check out these tips on how to determine if a facility is a true sanctuary.
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Spring 2020 Paw Print

Spring 2020 Paw Print

Meet Saber Tiger and other animals who were bred to be exploited as photo props or "pay to pet" cubs. Learn how you can make choices that align with your values and help keep more animals from being used for profit. On the lighter side, get a glimpse of our 2020 Black Tie & Tails Ball, "Norway, Land of the Dancing Lights" including a list of all the wonderful individuals and businesses who sponsored the ball or donated auction items - all in support of the cats!
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Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month, January 2019

Lindsey joined the Carolina Tiger Family in October 2018 and has logged nearly 250 hours of her time since! She does an excellent job of helping throughout several areas of Carolina Tiger Rescue.
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