Beau Cougar Gets a Physical

Our newest resident, Beau Cougar, got a physical this week. Staff veterinarian Dr. Angela Lassiter led the animal care team in giving Beau a thorough once-over in preparation for being released from quarantine.

Beau Cougar is 6 months old

Maybe Beau is cranky because he’s teething? Nope. He’s just a cougar.

Dr. Lamar monitors Beau’s vital signs

The physical went well. We were able to get a weight and be able to look at his teeth to estimate his age at 6-7 months, right about where we though he’d be. While his baby have not fallen out yet, we do see his adult canines starting to break through.  He received vaccinations for FVRCP and rabies. Because this is a quarantine physical, we do have to send out for additional bloodwork, which will take a little extra time to get back.

While we had him under anesthesia, we were able to take his pawprints. We look forward to getting him down in a year or so to see how he’s grown.

His new enclosure is currently being built.  We will have to make a decision once he has cleared quarantine about whether to wait to see if he will have a temporary enclosure or go straight to the new enclosure.


The cost of the rescue, quarantine, and a new habitat will be $20,500. You can help our young cougar by giving on our website or through the sanctuary’s Facebook page. If you’re mailing a check, please have “Rescue” in the memo line and send to: 1940 Hanks Chapel Road, Pittsboro, N.C. 27312. One hundred percent of donations go toward the care of the animals and education.